Bad Hair Day? Maybe It’s Your Workout

You may want to rethink your routine.
Bad Hair Day? Maybe It’s Your Workout

There was a time when fitness was just fitness—when there was little more to it than sweat, pain, and gains. But these days, working out is a lifestyle, and while there’s a lot more fuss to it now, it’s not entirely for the worse. You’ll find that some “active lifestyle” trends are actually quite helpful.

Take, for example, your hair. If you’re experiencing itching, flaking, general discomfort, or just a few too many bad hair days, you may want to look into your workout. Sweating profusely and putting your body through extreme conditions may take an unexpected toll on your hair. Here are a few tips to consider:

Avoid running your hands through your hair.

Either out of instinct or habit, some people run their hands through their hair or rub their heads when they’re tired, exasperated, or stressed. Be careful about this in the gym, as your hair is sweaty—which itself is not a problem, until dirt is introduced. Keep the dust and grime of a public gym away from your hair to avoid dandruff and irritation.

Protect your hair from the pool and the sun.

Swimmers, runners, and outdoor athletes, take note. These particular workouts introduce new factors to the equation: chlorine from the pool and UV rays from the sun. Both can damage your hair, causing brittleness and itching. Moderate your exposure to these elements, or invest in headgear like hats and swim caps.

If you have long hair, don’t tie it up for too long.

Active guys with longer hairstyles know too well the hassle of having to manage your mop every workout. The immediate recourse is to tie it up or to keep it down with a headband. Just be careful that you don’t pull too tightly on your hair, as traction alopecia is a very real concern. When your hair is tied up tight and you’re constantly in motion, you could put a lot of stress on your roots, which may eventually lead to hair loss. So be sure to leave a little slack when you tie your hair up, and don’t keep it up for too long.

If you must take supplements, pick them wisely.

Creatine, the favorite of some gym buffs, boosts your body’s dihydrotestosterone level, which is associated with male pattern baldness. The correlation isn’t absolute, but the risk is something to consider when you plan out your intake.

Don’t skip your post-workout shower.

Regular levels of sweat can be healthy for your hair, but excess buildup can cause hair damage or hair loss, not to mention hair stink. Take the time to rub your hair down with a reliable shampoo that’s especially formulated for guys who lead an active lifestyle. Try Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo. Apart from keeping your locks clean, this shampoo can also help build stronger hair and fight against hair fall.

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