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The barbershop is one of the last refuges for the modern man. You get in the barber’s chair often stressed out from a long work day, from sitting in traffic, from the demands of adult life, and when you get up you look refreshed and looking a lot better than you did just thirty minutes earlier. It’s a wonder what a haircut, a cooling mint shampoo and a little massage can do for a weary soul. So why wouldn’t you want to feel that way on a daily basis? Exactly.

We talked to Oliver Sarabia, one of the co-owners of Another Barbershop in Poblacion, about the benefits of adopting a grooming regimen and what products he personally recommends. As a seasoned ad industry veteran who’s worked on brands like Redken for Men, he’s been around the block and knows which products actually work for men.


Why do you think guys should have a proper skin care regimen?

While I strongly believe in having a strong grooming regimen–sometimes you gotta look good and smell good to feel good–I don't have an overly complicated routine. But I definitely keep at it. I think it's important–and mind opening–to adopt a regimen that is enjoyable. I think a lot of guys don't realize that grooming can be pretty freaking relaxing. 

Taking care of your skin may not be top-of-mind for most guys, but the effort put in will definitely pay off. Aside from regular cleansing and moisturizing, I've started to exfoliate every now and then with a scrub. Might sound a little prissy, but on top of clearing out dead skin and deep cleaning pores, it's basically a great face massage. How can you beat that? We've been working hard to bring in facial services into our shop — just working on getting the right products, so watch out for that!

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Finding the right products can be pretty intimidating for most guys.

From a retail perspective, there's such a vast sea now of products and brands out there–and for many, it's really hard to shop through all that clutter. It's pretty daunting! When we were looking for pomades to carry in the shop, we went through almost 30 different types from different brands, and even then, I'm sure there were more we weren't aware of.

But my experience in the industry definitely gives me a sharper eye for the products that are out there, and having a better filter for products and practices that actually work and those that don't.

So, one thing we really work hard at is to sift through this clutter for you–we make sure to only carry the brands and products that we like ourselves, would use ourselves, would want others to use themselves. We often find that a lot of salons, barbershops and beauty shops carry a dozen brands and products for one thing–with little help as to what is better than the other. There’s a lot of great stuff out there, but we definitely make sure to only carry our favorites!


What hair products do you use and recommend?

For my hair, I use Imperial Freeform Cream day-to-day for a casual, natural look. On occasions when I want to be a little more dressed up, I use a strong pomade from Fellow Barber. The products are water-based and they are great, but even then, all that product over time takes its toll not just on your hair, but on your scalp as well. This is where my before-mentioned bias for Redken's Clean Brew comes in. It's just a really refreshing shampoo that smells great and really strips your hair clean of any product build-up.

Another thing you probably picked up by now is that I love a good relaxing massage. There's seriously nothing better than getting a scalp treatment every now and then. First off, it's good for you — healthy scalp, healthy hair. Secondly, it's really relaxing. I fall asleep on the chair every time. 


What can guys expect when they visit your barbershop?

At the moment, we have all the services you find at other barbershops: cut, shave, hair and scalp treatments, nail grooming. What makes these services stand apart are the products and brands involved with these services.

For our cuts, we offer two shampoos to finish off the service: both from Redken for Men, they cater to two different needs and we pick and choose based on the client's profile. Clean Brew is a shampoo made primarily from malt (yes, beer) and is perfect for the guy that uses a lot of styling product on the regular. It cleanses the scalp but also effectively cleans the hair of product build-up better than any other shampoo out there.

Mint Clean is peppermint infused and perfect for maintaining a healthy scalp–it feels great on application as well. And these are both shampoos that we offer in retail sizes, so we want our customers to be able to extend that at home on their own.


For our shaving service, we use all Proraso products from beginning to end of the service. It's a great Italian brand that has been family-owned for more than a century! And for our treatments we only use Davines products. We're a big fan of these brands and what they stand for. We like to put a big emphasis on what products and brands we use, and I think this is one aspect that makes us different.

We're also working hard to start rolling out more skin-related services in the near future. Again, we want to be a shop that answers all the grooming needs: skin, hair, body, etc. Once those are rolled out, definitely that will be another area for us to stand apart.

You can find Another Barbershop at 5880 Enriquez, Poblacion in Makati.

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