The Best Men's Colognes For Cool Weather

Get ready for the cooler months ahead with these scents.

Cold-weather fragrances are a thing. Like our wardrobes, in which we ditch the prints for a sea of stylishly bleak monochromes, we should mix-up the olfactory rotation, too. So less summertime spritz, more spicy, smoky scents best-paired with your finest brood. Easy enough. 

Finding the right fragrance is the difficult part. So, we've curated the finest smells for the months ahead below.

Dior Sauvage

If Paris at night had a smell, it'd be Dior Sauvage (we're talking romantic, Eiffel Tower at night Paris as opposed to 3 am Pigalle Métro Paris). A heady mix of bergamot and traditional spices, this classic scent is present without being overbearingly so, and is best saved for that anniversary/third date dinner. 

Givenchy Gentleman


Okay, okay: The old rules dictate that a gentleman would never call himself thus. But it's not 1843, so we'll let Givenchy off with this reworked fragrance. Think a light blend of vanilla and pear that lends itself well to winter. Or a Mayfair gentleman's club, you decide.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza

Acqua di Parma is the quintessential Riviera-worthy scent. Still, summer doesn't last forever, and the Italian outfit has turned nocturnal with the Colonia Essenza: a soft blend of woody patchouli bases alongside white musk and amber. Perfect if you want to play Mr. Ripley come Christmas morning.

Commes des Garçons Wonderoud

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Oud, a dominant scent first dreamt up in the Middle East, has seen a Japanese-Franco reimagining thanks to Commes des Garçons' Wonderoud. A woody balsamic base is punchier than most summer sniffs, and better yet, is an easy way to mix-up your usual rotation. 

Tom Ford Private Blend Vanille Fatale de Parfum

Tom Ford's fragrances, as with most things Tom Ford, are incredibly luxurious. Which in this instance means a unisex cologne of saffron, roasted coffee, and mahogany. Sure, you'll pay through the nose for it, but it'll be a welcome treat for everyone else's. 

Bleu de Chanel


For whatever reason, winter fragrances are more intense. No bad thing. To the contrary, with Chanel in charge, the off-season scent is possibly one for year round thanks to cedar, sandalwood, and an uplift of woody scents. 

Prada L'Homme

Yes, men's winter fragrances are the stuff of cigars and stolen midnight dinners, but there is a lighter in-between. Prada's L'Homme instills an airiness into the bread and butter base of neroli and cedar, letting you enjoy a subtler scent as the mercury drops. 

Jo Malone Cologne Intense


Jo Malone: great for scenting your living room before the in-laws stay, even better for impressive over the inevitable awkward dinner. The myrrh and tonka mix is a particular highnote, boasting a blend that isn't overtly masculine, but couldn't be confused for the stuff of your significant other, either. 

Carolina Herrera Rose Cruise 

Real men wear pink, even when it extends to their aftershave. And it's something Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera knows all too well, with a delicately colored unisex cologne boasting a lingering musk that's manlier than any sportscar-themed alternative with a marketing campaign on steroids.

Cartier L'Envol


True to form, Cartier has produced a men's fragrance full of the maison's signature craftsmanship: L'Envol. Brewed from woody notes with the sweetness of natural honey, this amber nectar is the new gold standard for your bathroom cabinet. 

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