The 10 Best New Leather Fragrances That Will Up Your Game

These are top contenders for signature fragrances.

When it comes to fragrance notes, leather is definitely the most masculine of all time. It's an intoxicating scent that oozes richness and sex appeal. This is why fragrances that belong in the leather group are what many men choose to wear on dates, for special occasions, and more. But, leather isn't always what it seems. It can be smoky, spicy, woody, fruity, and to some extent, floral. With that said, it can be difficult to pick one that works for you. To solve that problem, we've compiled a list of the year's best men's leather fragrances because you can never have enough in your arsenal.

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1| Acqua di Parma Leather Eau de Parfum


Acqua di Parma's Leather is an ode to traditional leather-making. The Brazilian orange, Sicilian lemon, and raspberry come on strong, but soon after, the middle notes of red thyme, honeysuckle, petitgrain, and rose take over. In the end, the sophisticated mix of leather, cedar, and guaiac wood reveals itself. With the description and notes, you can already tell this fragrance packs quite a punch but in reality, it's a citrus woody leather scent that works for day time as it does for the evening.

2| Carolina Herrera Emerald Musk


If you're looking for a more powdery take on leather, Carolina Herrera's Emerald Musk will not disappoint. Like its name and bottle suggest, the fragrance is heavily inspired by emerald. The green stone is one that's majestic and powerful, and that's exactly what the fragrance conveys. Pink pepper hits you upon the first spritz, and after some time, you get a mix of rose, orris, and leather. Eventually, it dries down to a vanilla bean and amber musk that is unique and decadent.

3| Gucci A Nocturnal Whisper

Photo by GUCCI.

We imagine this is what Gucci ambassador Jared Leto wears apart from Gucci Guilty. As a perfume oil, it delivers a purer and stronger scent that is versatile: it can be magnified, muted, or fused with other fragrances for a personal blend. A Nocturnal Whisper is part of Alessandro Michele's Alchemist's Garden collection. Inspired by, you guessed it, alchemy it has a dark animalic profile thanks to its complex notes. The unisex fragrance features agarwood, benzoin, leather, and saffron.

4| Guerlain Bois Mystérieux

Photo by GUERLAIN.

You'll find wood in a lot of scents with leather as a base. The two pair well and accentuate each other, and in Guerlain's Bois Mystérieux this rings especially true. Created by Thierry Wasser, the master perfumer of the maison, it's a modern interpretation of exoticism. This complex fragrance features an eclectic mix of notes that includes neroli, laurels, atlas, cedar, patchouli, jasmine, leather, and myrrh. The saffron, in particular, stands out for its subtlety and delicate facets.

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5| Issey Miyake Nuit d'Issey Pulse Of The Night


Inspired by both humans and nature, Issey Miyake's latest release features a leather accord which has a "feral expression." The leather in this hits you in just one spray. By its name, you can already tell it's an evening scent but what seals it all are its notes: frankincense, tonka beans, warm patchouli, labdanum, sandalwood, and vanilla. 

6| Jo Malone London Bronze Wood & Leather


Jo Malone has been in the fragrance game for so long, it was only time until it made scents that catered to men. Its newest release, Bronze Wood & Leather, is a classic leather scent that was made to compete against the greats. Don't be fooled by its seemingly citrus-like opening, Jo Malone's Bronze Wood & Leather fragrance dries down to be as strong as leather goes. Though described as a woody and aromatic scent, it's refreshingly smoother and sweeter than the typical. It has notes of grapefruit, juniper, smoke, leather, and finally, vetiver.

7| Paco Rabanne Erotic Me 


Erotic Me is a skin perfume which means it smells like your skin but better. Unlike the others on this list, it isn't a strong and polarizing fragrance. Instead, it's leather but in a fruitier, more floral way. It's for those times when you want to smell simply good without making a statement and bringing attention to yourself. The unisex scent features osmanthus and a velvety milk accord which is rounded up by leather to make it warm and sultry.

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8| Penhaligon's Terrible Teddy


Terrible Teddy is part of the Penhaligon's Portraits selection where each fragrance tells a story. In this story, Teddy is some sort of a Casanova which says a lot about the leather fragrance. With notes of incense and ambroxan, it's an intoxicating blend that's expectedly and beautifully dry. Think a big gulp of whisky that finishes smooth yet strong.

9| Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Intense

Photo by TOM FORD.

There's a reason why Tom Ford's original Tuscan Leather always tops lists of the best men's scents. It can be intense in the first few hours but after the smoky note dissipates, it turns into an ultra-sensual blend of saffron, raspberry, and thyme. If you want something stronger and less sweet, however, the brand's latest release might just do it for you. As an update, Tom Ford has released an even more intense version of the fragrance. It's been described as being very woody, specifically a burnt wood along with the addition of fresh davana. 

10| Yves Saint Laurent Grain de Poudre


This unisex fragrance is by Quentin Bisch, the nose behind some of Azzaro and Jean Paul Gaultier's smokiest fragrances. Described as a musky and herbal scent, Grain de Poudre is a spicy scent that blends black peppercorn, coriander, violet leaves, sage, suede accord, and musk for a new take on leather. Simply put, it's a truly masculine scent that will have everyone asking about what you're wearing.

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