8 Great Mouthwash Options to Add to Your Morning Routine

Because, your breath.

When it comes to good oral hygiene, you need more than just two minutes of brushing twice a day. The other good-teeth practices help balance your mouth, minimizing your chance of irritation and maximizing pearly white teeth. Mouthwash is one of those key steps. Whatever your preference, there's a rinse suited for you. Here are some of our favorites.

1| Listerine Total Remover Anticavity Mouthwash 

Listine’s mouthwash is especially useful for toughening up your teeth. Swish it to help build a strong (cavity-proof) mouth. 


2| Crest Glamorous White Mouthwash 


Crest’s whitening technology does a stellar job of removing stains and brightening up the white all the way around.


3| Marvis Strong Mint Mouthwash Concentrate 

Marvis's mouthwash is aptly named; the mint is super strong, and completely refreshing.


4| Colgate Peroxyl Mouth Sore Rinse 

If your prone to sores, treat and prevent it with a proxyl wash that’ll clear them right up. 

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5| Supersmile Whitening Pre-Rinse 

A pre-rinse is a form of mouthwash you can add into your grooming routine. Rinse before brushing to promote whitening. 


6| Jason Natural Healthy Mouthwash 

A flavor you don't see often: cinnamon clove. For the anti-mint crowd.


7| Oral Essentials Sensitive Teeth Mouthwash 


Sensitive mouths don’t need to feel left out. Oral Essentials uses a non-toxic, non-alcoholic formula. Its main ingredient: calcium- and phosphate-heavy Dead Sea salt. 


8| Aesop Mouthwash 

If the alcohol in most mouthwashes is too strong for your liking, try Aesop’s take. This one uses clove, anise, and spearmint to clean and freshen. 


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