How To Get David Beckham's New 'Textured Quiff' Haircut

DB's had the scissors out again. Here's what to tell your barber.
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With the announcement this morning that he has created his own team (or ‘franchise') in Miami came some even bigger news: the debut of a new David Beckham haircut

It was a confirmation that Becks had traded 2017's '90s curtains for a sharp skin fade, meaning we'll undoubtedly be seeing a wave of similar styles this year. 

Here we enlist the help of hairdresser Oran Lasocki of esteemed barbers Ruffians to help us break down the look and what you need to ask for to get it. 

What is it?
David Beckham's new haircut is best known as a 'texturized quiff.'

Who does it suit? 
This haircut would suit almost anyone, however the only thing to consider is if you have very fine or thinning hair, this could render the cut difficult to style when it grows out. 

What to ask for? 
You need to decide if you want to replicate the haircut, or make it your own. Try to bring a picture of the haircut to help your barber or stylist understand exactly what you are after. 


If you want replicate David Beckham's haircut you will want to ask for these things: 

For the back and sides, you will be looking for a high #1.0, blending into a #2.0 with a disconnection from the top. You can choose to taper out the hairline to a #0.5 or #0.0 to increase the longevity of the cut and its freshness. 

For the top, you should be looking to maintain enough length throughout the haircut to highlight the texture and movement of the cut. The longest length in the cut should be your fringe to ensure height on the quiff. Remember you want to disconnect the top from the back and sides, so make sure you say this to your barber. If you feel there is too much length or weight to the cut, you could ask them to reduce the bulk by chipping or slicing into it in order to break it up. 

How to style it?
To start off the styling process you want to have towel dry damp hair. Begin by applying three sprays of the L'Oreal sea salt spray into the hair and then work the product down to the roots with your fingers. Following on from this, you want to blow dry your hair from back to front using your hands to create texture and movement, however when you reach the fringe you should try using a Denman Vent Brush to get some height into your quiff.

Now apply a little bit of the Ruffians matte clay, roughly about a pea size, working it into your hands removing any lumps. Once again going back to front, work the product into your hair from root to tip to get as much coverage as possible. 

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To finish the look, you want to use the L'Oreal Super Dust. This product is similar to the sea salt spray, but the dust works better in this style as a finishing product. It helps group the hair together to create a defined texture with a stronger hold. You only want to use a light sprinkle of the product carefully working it into your hair, using your hands to style your hair into the desired look.

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