Another Reason To Get A Lockdown Buzzcut? David Beckham

The 44-year-old debuted a throwback shaved head on Instagram. And so should you

Oh, hi there! Welcome back to 2004, where the clubs are alive with the sound of Usher, and the hair is short. Very short in fact, as David Beckham so famously proved by shearing off his peroxided locks. Rejoice, too. For those wonderful days are (partly) back.

While in quarantine, the patriarch of fashion's first family returned to the buzzcut, posting the new crown to Instagram to much applause.

Anchored by the words #stayhome, #staysafe and #staystrong (hashtags duly ignored by park-goers who deem sunbathing to be an essential trip), Beckham's last-minute grab for the hair clippers is no unique anomaly. As barbers remain shuttered for the foreseeable, men of both Hollywood and elsewhere have taken to cutting their own hair, with varying results.

A buzzcut however, is one of the more straightforward options says Denis Robinson, barber at Ruffians. "It's a strong look and not for the faint-hearted, but it's easy to maintain, and even easier to get in the first place."

You simply go against the grain. "For the best result, use the clippers in the opposite direction to how the hair grows. Start at the front, and run the clippers front to back over the top of your head keeping the guard firm and flat. With each section, adjust the angle to the natural curvature of your head."

The braver you feel, the shorter you go, says Robinson, as Riz Ahmed and Noah Centineo have both joined Beckham in recent months. Which means you can, too. For if it isn't quite to your taste, know that it'll have grown back when this coronavirus business has all blown over. You'll be able to laugh at the barbers, and touch him on the shoulder, and say 'cor blimey, can you remember all that—mad wannit?'


But until then, it's going to be a DIY job. So grab the clippers, make like Beckham and blast out Confessions like you're footing each text with a needy 'tb x' all over again.

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