Find the Most Flattering Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Eliminate guesswork with this handy guide.
Find the Most Flattering Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Of course you can get whatever haircut you want and do what you like with your mane, but here's a tip: Next time you're choosing a new 'do, consider the shape of your face—certain hairstyles (facial hair included) work better with certain face shapes. It's just like that.


The "standard" face. Almost anything works with an oval face, from the classic "semi-kalbo" crop cut to the wild and wavy. Feel free to experiment with facial hair as well.

But no neckbeards! Keep your beard groomed and well-defined. A ratty or bushy beard can dominate your face, and not in a good way.  


Pointy Head

Don't crop it short up top and leave it long at the sides (to square off your un-square noggin')—this just accentuates that peak. Here, it's better to grow out the top part and add some length at the sides to balance it off, transforming your pyramidal peak into a proper dome. 



While close in proportions to the classical square face, the round head is less angular. A haircut that's squared off on top can help give more definition, as can a neat little goatee, which will add a little definition to your chin. Growing out your sideburns will also give more angle to the rounded sides of your head.  


Weak Chin

A receding chin can be covered by a full beard, which allows you to reshape the bottom of your face. Likewise, as with a round face, a goatee can help strengthen your chin. 


Long Face (Oblong, Rectangular)

Medium-length cuts add some width to your face. Try to avoid high fades and flat tops, as these will make your mug look taller and narrower. Add a little volume to soften the corners if you've got a more rectangular face. If you must wear a beard, keep the bottom trimmed, and grow the sides in. A goatee or soul patch will only accentuate the length of your face. Sideburns also help add some much-needed width. 


Triangular Jaw

Your face deviates from the square in that you have more jaw than cheekbone. While you can't grow hair on your cheekbones (not without an ermitanyo-level beard), you can balance out your over-endowed jawline with a shaped goatee. 



A face that's nearly as wide as it is long, marked by a strong jawline, gives you a classically "masculine" look. A military-style buzz cut will work, but might look too uptight. Leaving a little bit on top (but not too much) can help soften the square head shape for a less army poster-boy look. Other things to avoid: under-cuts and long bangs, which will really turn your face “square.”

For facial hair, keep it neat and tidy around the chin. Like bangs, a full beard can accentuate the squareness of your face. 


Pointy Jaw

As with the long face, you want to grow out the sides of your beard or goatee to complement your strong chin. Sideburns can also help give some definition here. 


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