Game On with STR8: The Scent of Champions at Watsons

STR8’s GAME Collection caters to gamers seeking new adventures and boosting self-confidence

Game On with STR8: The Scent of Champions at Watsons

Fragrance brand STR8 acknowledges the importance of adapting and evolving within the dynamic landscape of today's ever-changing male identity. Much like the gaming industry, the notion of masculinity has undergone a significant transformation.

In alignment with these shifting paradigms, STR8 is thrilled to introduce its latest creation: GAME. This collection encapsulates the boundless energy and vibrant spirit that typify the contemporary man. In an era where the video gaming industry is not just on the rise but has seamlessly become an integral part of our daily lives, the STR8 Game Collection is a testament to their commitment to keeping pace with the trends of the time.

With a selection of refreshing scents and grooming products, GAME is designed to cater a new generation of men, particularly the Gen Z audience. These individuals are the trailblazers, the gamers who find themselves conquering both virtual and real-life adventures. It's not just grooming but a declaration of strength, a celebration of life's challenges, and an ode to the thrill of competition. With GAME, STR8 invites you to step into the arena and embrace the power of man’s unique essence.

STR8 origins

Established in 1998 in Greece, STR8 emerged as a fragrance brand with a unique vision. Rooted in the belief that scent has the power to redefine masculinity, STR8 has been on a relentless journey to help men discover and embrace their genuine selves, and to exude confidence and authenticity. Over the years, the brand has become a symbol of modern masculinity, offering a range of grooming essentials to help men feel confident and be their authentic selves.

Partnering with iFace Inc., the local distributor of STR8, this vision has taken root in the Philippines. iFace Inc. wholeheartedly supports STR8's values and mission, recently marking the launch of the GAME collection through an exciting event that aimed to introduce the highly anticipated collection to the Filipino market.

STR8 continues to redefine modern masculinity with its exceptional products exclusively available at Watsons stores nationwide and online. This marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower men to be their authentic selves.


The #STR8GAMEON event consisted of various video games and consoles to accommodate attendees from the local gaming community and celebrate the fantastic fusion with STR8. The players were sorted into two batches that went head-to-head in a friendly competition with hosts, Vince Velasco and Dino Imperial, hyping the crowd.

The rosters included players like Super MJ, Hama TV, Sven Schmid, and Patrick Santos, as well as content creators like Drei Gaspar, Hans Galendez, and Joshua Navarro (also known as Galactic Shark). Winners received prizes of mobile gaming controllers, retro keyboards, STR8 GAME kits, and Nintendo Switch Lite.

The GAME collection is tailored to resonate with these men from all walks of life, whether they're casual gamers or someone with a more serious gaming streak. In a world where men are constantly evolving, riding the wave of fast-paced energy, the games they play serve as more than just pastimes. They're vehicles for newfound confidence and skill honing. GAME is now a testament to STR8's commitment to empowering men, marking a significant milestone in redefining masculinity.

The latest GAME collection includes the following men's grooming essentials:

GAME Eau De Toilette

This fragrance is floral and herbaceous with warm coumarin-like undertones that ultimately capture your senses.

GAME Natural Spray

This fragrance combines the essence of Pineapple and Coriander with a touch of Lavender and Tonka and seductive undertones of Vanilla, Praline and Ambery Woods. Recommended to be combined with GAME Eau De Toilette for a long-lasting effect.

GAME Deodorant Spray

This spray helps with feeling fresh and smelling nice and has long-lasting protection with a unique, masculine scent.

Available at Watsons and SM Beauty sections

Experience the scent of champions and redefine your grooming and style standards with STR8. To discover their latest collection, find STR8 Philippines at a Watsons or SM Beauty section near you nationwide, or Watsons online. Follow STR8 Philippines on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Shopee, and Lazada to be updated on their latest updates and releases.

This article is sponsored by STR8.

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