Granado's Homage to Carioca Culture Makes the Perfect Summer Scent

The Brazilian behemoth's signature spritz has landed at Liberty.

While the citrus-lined coast of Amalfi and Grasse’s abundant florals are well mined by the big fragrance brands, the landscapes of Latin America don’t make it into the mainstream cologne conversation quite so often. But as consumers turn away from the obvious blockbusters in search of a more unique summer fragrance, lesser-known names are stealing focus.

To any Brazilian, Granado will not be a new name: it’s the country’s oldest pharmacy, and still beloved from Rio to São Paulo today. But with international expansion in the works – and the approval of the formidable buying team at London’s Liberty department store, Granado is a name we’ll likely be seeing on home soil more often.

The brand was founded in Rio de Janiero in 1870, and soon became a go-to for traditional tinctures, glycerine soaps and plant-based cosmetics. While burgeoning Brazilian brands were busy imitating international best-sellers, Granado built its reputation by representing the Carioca culture, creating unique, clean and crisp scents that speak to the demand on the ground. Today, it’s a true South American behemoth, now under the ownership of the British Freeman family, yet stoically true to its roots.

Granado Carioca Eau de Toilette


There are dozens of fragrances in the line-up, but it’s the aptly named Carioca that is set for particular success across the pond. The brand’s first ever eau de toilette celebrates “the exuberance of Rio’s nature and landscapes,” says marketing director Sissi Freeman. Indeed, it’s neither an overtly aquatic nor woody blend, but ticks the ‘clean’ olfactory box which, according to Freeman, is generally what Brazilians want in a daytime fragrance. “The creation blends the freshness of the sea with the richness of the forest in citrus and bergamot notes, and the classic floral notes of jasmine and violet brings out the vintage aura of Rio."


The big-brand blockbusters have lost their appeal for a certain consumer, and while plenty of men now seek something less obvious to make their signature, venturing into the niche realm can be risky – especially when you consider just how silly some scents are becoming these days. (Cannabis may be the perfume world’s buzziest note right now, but frankly it doesn’t always smell nice).

Scents like Carioca offer the perfect solution: it’ll cut through the clouds of CK1, but won’t make you smell, well, weird. It's light, fresh, and comes in a massive 100ml bottle which is frankly outstanding value. If you don’t live near that iconic central-London department store, which is currently the sole stockist, it makes a safe blind buy – and one we recommend making before summer finally arrives.

FromEsquire UK

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