Hair Hacks: How to Make Your Mane Look Healthier

Who doesn't love a healthy looking mane?

Anyone who has a full head of hair wants only the best for crowning glory. The thing is, poor health (stress, diet), Mother Nature, and even your genes are barring you from achieving your dream of long and thick locks.

Still, you can do something about this grooming dilemma, particularly in the hair maintenance department.

Shampoo adequately

Each recommendation depends on the hair type and length, but in most cases, too much shampooing can get rid of essential oils. It's advisable to use the product every other day, but a little extra won't hurt if ever you feel dirty or greasy.

Condition frequently

While anything excessive isn't good, the second phase of washing your hair could be done religiously, especially the longer your locks. Despite the added benefits of the conditioner (a moisturized scalp, pleasant smell), make sure to rinse it completely.

Dry properly


Don't: dry your mane using a towel in a rough manner (cause stress); brush it while still wet (lead to breakage); and use a blow dryer as much as possible (weaken strands). Better to part your mop into sections and gently press out the remaining water.

Style appropriately

Use the suitable tools in fixing your hair, like wide-toothed combs for those curls. The same goes with the styling products, be it gels, pomades or waxes. Asking your favorite barber or hairdresser for tips on profiling is always a good idea.

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