The Best Haircuts for Wavy- and Curly-Haired Gents

Kawpa Studio barbers Joe Camacam and Dencio Aguilar teach you how to embrace the hair that you have.
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Our crowns truly aren’t made equal. From lush lion manes to that natural ‘fro, there are different kinds of heads of hair, each with their own lengths, colors, and textures. 

Straight-haired folk are spoiled for choice when it comes to hairstyles, but don’t think that just because you’ve got a curl or a wave in your hair you can’t pull off some cool cuts, too.

While you may not exactly be able to nail that Ryan Gosling tousled look, there are hordes of stylish men making the case for natural bedheads and ringlets. And no, you don’t have to hide behind cropped cuts either. 

Kawpa Studio barbers Joe Camacam and Dencio Aguilar show you how to flaunt that curl with these fresh haircuts.

1| Leave them be  

One of the best ways to show off your curls is to keep them mostly untouched. Take cues from Green Archers’ Tyrus Hill and do an urban take of the mullet, one that is low-key yet stylish. Joe did a low taper on the sides, keeping most of the length on the back to maintain its natural texture.  


2| Get that edge 

Edging around the hairline lends a cool look and visually emphasizes the curls. Have your barber trace your hairline without pushing it back too far for some added definition. 

3| Emphasize the curl 

Rock a bed of ringlets on top and ask for a low drop fade. Dencio did a seamless fade, grazing the skin at the very bottom and blending the fade upwards. And if you don’t mind a little maintenance, Dencio recommends styling with a curl-enhancing cream and finishing with a diffuser hair dryer for volume.  

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4| Twist it  

If you’ve got the ‘fro, embrace it. Dencio’s client had twists in his mane. To strike a balance between edgy and professional, the barber did a zero-to-mid fade, concentrating all that texture on top. Dencio also used a pick comb to pry all the kinks closer to the scalp, ensuring a cleaner fade. 

5| Create texture 


Experimenting with textures makes your hair come alive. Draw attention to volume. If you’ve got curls, all your barber needs to do is keep the length on top and keep the sides tapered. To achieve a clean yet bold look, Joe did a low bald fade, seamlessly fading into the top.

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