How To Get Rid Of Your Pimple Scars

There are marks that fade away over time.
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Not all scars stay. And by that, we’re talking about those acne marks born out of the unfortunate habit of popping a zit every time they come to town.

First, let's talk about pimples: Zits occur when excess oil, sebum, and bacteria are trapped in pores. While a nuisance, your average breakout should go away on its own with the right treatment, leaving your skin without a hint of blemish. Ideally, the best way to prevent these scars from forming in the first place is to learn how to treat them properly.

Now, a quick word on zit-popping: While you’ve always believed that squeezing out the gunk in your pimple results in speedier healing time, this couldn’t be further from the truth. That gunk could spread to the skin’s surface and lead to another breakout.

When you're past the point of no return, don’t fret. All hope is not lost. There are marks that fade away over time and scars that don’t have to amount to irreparable damage. 

1| Spot treat them

As soon as a major zit shows up, instead of squeezing it, zap it with a gel or cream meant for spot treatment. The cure makes use of salicylic acid to beat the inflammation. Spot treatment can temporarily make pimples even worse, so remember to use sparingly.  

2| Reach for a skin brightener

There are pock marks that turn pink or brown, depending on your skin pigment. Bust discoloration and treat these marks with pigment-lightening ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, kojic acid, or licorice. Deeper skin tones should steer clear of products with hydroquinone, however, as it can leave a light ring around the spot. 


3| Slap on the sunscreen

Protecting yourself against the sun rays is crucial if you want to thwart any darkening of scars and acne marks. Today’s derm-approved sunscreen products are friendly on the pores, meaning they won’t clog them with oil and lead to even worse breakouts.  

4| Bring out the beams

When you pick on a scab over and over again, the collagen in your skin may heal in a different pattern, leading to scarring. To diminish the appearance of scars, consider laser treatment. An ablative laser procedure focuses on a tiny section of the scar, removing the layers of damaged skin while stimulating the underlying skin to produce collagen.  

5| Consider fillers

Although not a permanent fix, dermal fillers can help lift the appearance of scars, with results that last to about a year. These fillers are made with hyaluronic acid, a lubricating fluid naturally found in the body that helps keep skin looking plump and youthful.

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