Here’s How to Show Your Beard Some Love

You worked so hard growing it.
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You’re growing a beard, and why not? Beards, in all their thick and bushy glory, give off a sense of dignity, which can be very useful when you’re still being mistaken for an intern with a clean-shaven mug. 

Like the mop atop your head, it needs to be well-cared for to keep it in top form—especially since beard hairs tend to be stiffer and more wiry than your actual hair.

With great beard comes great responsibility. Here’s a routine to get started. Your whiskers will thank you. 

1| Do with some ‘poo

You won’t hop in the shower, wet your head, and call it a day, so why should you do the same with your beard? Lather up with a shampoo made specifically for beards. This cleanses it of yesterday’s gunk and are usually formulated with special botanicals that keep the bristles soft and smelling good, too. 


2| Get your hands on a conditioner

When a particularly wiry beard teeters into the territory of forest hermit, a beard conditioner helps tame whiskers by smoothening it. Just like regular conditioner, beard conditioner will nourish those hairs, too. 


3| Keep it slick with a beard oil


A conditioner will do a great job keeping your facial hair soft, but a beard oil will soften it even further. Lubing up the scruff also wards off the dreaded beard dandruff, and no one wants to see tiny white flakes on your chin or shirt. Don’t forget to spread it out with a beard brush, which also cleans and polishes your chin hairs at the same time. 


4| Butter ‘em up

If you’re sporting a rather large beard or you travel a lot, you may want to check out a utility balm or beard butter. Oil, balm, and butter more or less serve the same purpose, so it all boils down to preference. A balm is naturally more travel-friendly (great for bringing along on the road), while the heavier-than-oil butter offer longer-lasting moisture (good for taming stubborn hairs that don’t follow the shape of your beard). Can you use both oil and butter, though? Definitely, but moderation is key. 

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5| Give it a trim

Whether you’re leaving your beard in the hands of the pros or doing some DIY maintenance, it’s great to give your whiskers a trim. Like a good haircut, a trim gives it a polished look and distinct beard lines, which shows you’re serious about your beard game. Nothing looks more unkempt than a grown-out bush kept au naturel. Add shape to your beard and be the envy of scraggly hair-growers.

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