Here’s How You Can Finally Discover Your Signature Scent

Looking for a new go-to fragrance? This scent profiling test can help.

Here’s How You Can Finally Discover Your Signature Scent

Imagine walking into a room, and heads haven’t even turned, but they already know who you are. That’s the power of having a signature scent. It is an extension of you, like an invisible paperweight that anchors your memory in others. Much like your signature style, a signature scent is so personal that it tells people something about who you are. It speaks to you emotionally and helps you declare to the world that “this is me.” If you haven’t found yours yet, fear not because we know the trick to help you get started on your signature scent journey.

Making things a whole lot easier is AXE’s fragrance profiling test, a short quiz so comprehensive that you're presented with a few quick-fire questions about the AXE fragrance that best suits you. if you're having doubts, the Axe Awardees of the night can convince you otherwise. Vlogger Benedict Cua who was awarded the title "The Cool Champ," got AXE Ice Chill, which has notes of fresh, watery aromatic notes, perfect for his easy-going humor and carefree spirit. Phoenix Fuel Masters' Javee Mocon was named the "Star Athlete" awardee and got the AXE Recharge, which has notes of Yuzu, cool aqua, and wood notes which complement his passion and athletic spirit. It’s a test that hits the right notes on your fragrance persona. These and other fragrance profiles were further explored through various themed rooms representing each fragrance persona at the #EsquireManAtHistBest2022.

If you're curious to know your own fragrance profile, the test is available to the public, and all you need to do is sign up on this link for a good headstart to discover which AXE scent suits your overall style and personality. Easy peasy. Wanna know more about the brand’s scent umbrella? Read on to learn about how each AXE fragrance profile can complement your individuality.

The Daredevil

The Daredevil is a thrill-seeker, always on the hunt for the next adrenaline rush. Your energy is next level, to complement your daredevil lifestyle with a gourmand scent that balances sweet with spicy, AXE Dark Temptation is for you.

Actor Dominic Roque awarded the "Daredevil"

The Creative Mind

If you relish in the luxury of taking it slow, then the laid-back and breezy, AXE Gold Temptation mixes powdery amber with creamy vanilla making for an exciting scent that will surely entice the Creative Mind.

Actor Alex Diaz awarded as the "Creative Mind"

The Cool Champ

You make the homies spit their drinks with your memes and quips. Spark more joy by trying AXE Ice Chill’s daring and fresh scent, with watery aromatic notes.

Vlogger Benedict Cua is the "Cool Champ"

The Style Disruptor

You are the fashion bro. Your fit pics are thumb-stopping and your drip is always fire. Turn more heads with AXE Ice Breaker, a sparkling fresh scent with notes of sage, mandarin, and mint.

David Guison awarded the "Style Disruptor"

The life of the Party

For a party animal like you, it ain't a night out at the club if you don't break a sweat on the dance floor. Good thing there’s AXE Black to keep things fresh, with notes of cedar wood and bergamot.

Rapper Al James named "The Life of the Party" awardee

The Star Athlete

You’re an MVP. Hustling for wins is your passion. Secure more Ws with Axe Recharge–an aquatic, crisp scent with fresh Yuzu, cool aqua, and woody notes.

PBA player Javee Mocon is the "Star Athlete"

Now that you’ve got a pretty clear idea of how scent profiling works, feel free to take AXE’s fragrance profiling test to confirm which of these six dynamic scents suit you best. #TheNewAXEEffect is Axe's most irresistible fragrance yet. So bust the odor, smell irresistible.

And if you post a video of yourself doing something related to fragrance profiling along with the hashtag #TheNewAXEEffect, you might just get a chance to win an exclusive AXE gift pack!

To discover your fragrance profile and signature scent, visit the Axe Fragrance Profiler site. To learn more about AXE’s scent profiles and products, follow Axe Philippines on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Axe.

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