How to Fix That Mess You Call Your Eyebrows

Are you one strand away from looking like a troll?

We know you probably can’t be bothered to do anything about your messy eyebrows, what with all the brow craze you’ve been putting up with your wife or girlfriend. But while we’d like to celebrate your brows in all its natural glory, you’re also one strand away from looking like a troll, which really isn’t a good look on anyone.

There are men on your side like Zayn Malik and Dave Franco, both of whom make the case for wild, unruly brows, but there is still a difference between having a good set of thick brows and a pair of threatening caterpillars above your eyes. 

Here, quick and fuss-free tips to keep your eyebrows in check. 

1| No, you don’t need to pluck or shave them
There's no need to pull out the tweezers or that trusty blade when it comes to taming your stray hairs. In fact, plucking messes with the growth patterns of your eyebrow hairs, resulting in random strands popping up in places where you don’t want them.

Plus, plucking or shaving your arch makes eyebrows appear overly manicured, which isn’t flattering either. The goal is to make your eyebrows look neat and uniform without looking too polished. 

2| Instead, use a small pair of mustache scissors to do the job
Get your hands on those tiny grooming scissors and do a quick trim on your brows' stray hairs. To do this, comb the hairs straight up using a fine-tooth comb or a spoolie (ask your wife). Brushing upward allows you to spot the strays on your brow arch.

Then, with a steady hand, carefully trim the errant hairs sticking out from the area. Keep them at a uniform length. Afterward, brush your brow hairs down using the same comb or spoolie. 

3| Use your pomade or wax to keep hairs in place
Want an even neater look? Invest in a brow gel or, in case you don't want to get this from your wife’s makeup store, use a little product from your tub of pomade or wax.

Do this: Using the lightest pressure, dab some of the product on your finger, distribute the pomade on your fingertips, and then shape your eyebrows following your natural arch. Tap gently.

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