How to Grow Your Hair Out (Properly) During Lockdown


So, you've decided to grow out your hair. Not like we have a choice... considering the circumstances. But before you really set your mind and actively stop cutting your hair, there are a few things you should know.

Whether you're aiming for the '90s Leonardo DiCaprio or Jared Leto's lustrous locks, these are what you need to get started. From figuring out if long hair suits you to the right products you need, here are some helpful tips on how to grow your hair out properly.

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Figure out if longer hair works for you.

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The harsh truth is long hair doesn't work for everyone. It really depends on your hair structure and type. If you have unbelievably thick hair, chances are, your hair might look unruly which can be harder to style. It also goes the same (or the opposite, rather) for those with thinning hair since it will put focus on your hairline.

Determine your end goal.

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Planning on winging the whole hair growth thing? That works. It does help to have an end goal, too. Choose from some of the most popular long hairstyles such as curtain-style hair, surfer hair, something shaggy, or what-have-you. Plus, keeping a goal keeps you committed and maybe even determined as the awkward stage comes along.

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There is no fast, easy shortcut.

Patience is key when it comes to letting your hair grow out. It could take months upon months, and you should know that before you sign up. You could, of course, take vitamins and supplements but, at the end of the day, it's really all up to genetics. Just think about how good you'll look with your hair flowing in the wind. I mean, it might help.


Some trimming needs to be done still.

Just because you're growing your hair, doesn't mean you should avoid scissors entirely. A trim every now and then keeps your hair in good shape as it eliminates split ends. Now, we're not saying frequent trims will make your hair grow faster. It will make your hair look longer and healthier, though.

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Get products ready.

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Mo' hair, mo' products. Longer hair means you need to deal with more upkeep. (That is, if you want your hair to look its best.) What you need are a few nutrient-rich hair products. Start with a powerful maintenance conditioner, something like Olaplex's No. 5. If your hair is fine to go days without washing, you need a good dry shampoo, which is a dime a dozen.

As for styling, you'll want to pick up more lightweight products that don't weigh your hair down. Creams, oils, and powders will greatly help, but if you're partial to gels, you'll be pleased to know that there are some lightweight ones, too. Don't forget to stock up on masks, serums, and more if you want healthy-looking hair. Check out our picks for the best men's hair care products right now.

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