It Is Always A Good Idea To Stop Working And Take Some Me Time

At-home spa products from The Body Shop offer blissful relief to the dead-tired.

What's on your to-do list today? 

Take the car to the shop, file the report, find all 836 Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey, and don't forget the buy gifts for the children's birthday party you are begrudginly attending tomorrow. 

The enormous responsibility of keeping up with life make it hard for most men to unplug. And so the idea of actively not thinking about the deadline, the abysmal numbers, the pursed lips of the super boss feels impossible. Why would you pause for a breath when a mountain of concerns is threatening to crush your soul? 

Well, it is exactly for that reason that you need to give in to relief. Think of your last vacation. Though it felt awful to return to your desk, the time away was the reboot that gave you renewed speed, energy, and even joy to take on everything—and burn the candle at both ends again. 

A session at the spa is a worthy addition to your busy schedule. Requiring that you surrender your body and mind to a stranger, it forces you to stay still for a couple of hours. And a double session at The Spa, one of the chi-chiest center for relaxation in the city, is where you should carve out this take-care-of-me time. 

What you find, however, is this: Relaxing is hard work, especially for someone who's so used to running around inside a hamster wheel. Amid the low glow of a private suite, your mind buzzes with too many thoughts about the work you've left behind and have to pick up after the session, how long a twin set of body scrub and Swedish massage will take, and the state of your half-naked body now exposed to a woman you just met minutes ago.


So hard is it to unwind that you find your hands half clenched as the therapist's own does their work. You are also fighting this very nice drowsy feeling creeping up from the center of your body, as if it is bad to fall asleep because you have to experience the massage fully. 

But as the session continues, with the expert ministrations of your therapist, you give in. Busy thoughts retreat. You fall asleep for a minute. The beginning of true relaxation sets in and the blissful joy of blankness finally washes over you. 

So, okay, that was really, really good, but you won't always have time to spend hours lying face down while a stranger tenderizes your flesh.

That doesn't mean, however, that you should just chuck this concept of relaxation in the bin. The next best things are at-home products that mimic the experience. Start with something simple, something you can use every day like a body wash. Sure, a bar of soap gets the job done, but it is rudimentary—like a hammer or a wrench, hard tools that are used to fix things, in this case your dirty body. 

A body wash, however, offers a sensory approach to bathing. If you haven't tried one, it goes like this: Squeeze a dollop of goo onto your hands and rub, rub, rub the thick and slippery liquid all over your body. Or—and this is more satisfying—make use of a poofy loofah to create clouds of monster lather. Rinse. Done. Easy.

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These ones, from the The Body Shop's Spa of The World collection, have been made with various textures and fragrances that promise to give you good vibes—much like the spa. There are four flavors to choose from, each a facsimili of a specific spa moment.



The names are a mouthful, so we're just going to refer to them by their key ingredient: The Adriatic Peony is a cream that will chill you out; the Tahitian Tiare is an oil-gel hybrid whose scent transports you to an exotic beach and leaves skin glow-y; the Black Juniper is a gel that, inspired by invigorating Russian saunas, firms up the skin; the Brittany Coast Algae is also a gel that uses the power of the Atlantic to revitalize the dead-tired body of a desk jockey.

When combined with warm water, the soft cream texture, says The Body Shop, helps drain tension and provides a perk-up feeling. 



Making it even easier for you to wind down, these also come in minis (60ml at just P195 each), which are good options if you want to try them out first and not commit to full-sized bottles or take them along on an actual getaway.

All of these implements of repose, including a suite of scrubs and creams, will come in handy during your nightly reboot at home or that full-on escape over the weekend. Turn on the shower, lather up, and please remember to relax.  



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