Let These Local Barbers Show You How To Make A Statement With Facial Hair

No matter how thick or sparse you can grow it out.
IMAGE Instagram/ @heavyhandsbarbershop; @southerntownbarbershop

The surge of new wave barbershops has changed how we view our neighborhood barberos with their barbers taking on the role of grooming artisans who create slick pompadours and flawless fades. Great cuts, however, aren’t the only thing you can get from these shops.

While you’re likely to stay out of trouble with a bare chin, you might as well experiment with that facial hair you’re always trying to grow out. If you’re sporting scruff on your face, book an appointment with these local barbershops that prove, no matter how full or sparse, beards can make quite the statement. 

The Full Beard Is For The Blessed

If you’ve been blessed with genes that allow you to grow a full and thick beard, don’t take it for granted. Let your barber shape that face bush to show off its density, but without making it look like you’ve been lost in the wilderness for months.  

A complementary high fade on your head creates a sleek look that draws attention to your beard. Your beard is your accessory. Wear it proud. 

The Mustache or Van Dyke Is For Scraggly Hair-Growers 

Men with sparser hair growth need not fret. Make the most out of what you have, but don’t let your beard grow out on its own. A trimmed beard neatly outlines the jawline, while distinct whiskers give off a certain panache. 

And just in case the hair growth on your chin is about as dense as a 14-year-old’s, you can always rock a styled mustache and keep your jaw clean shaven. 

The Designer Stubble Is For A Polished Look

Gents on the older side or men who wish to look more refined may be better off with a designer stubble, a close-trimmed beard that exudes a sophisticated air. This beard isn’t ostentatious compared to its fuller counterparts, yet it gives off a ruggedness without going full-on rogue.  

It’s masculine by nature, and when paired with a suit or smart casual attire, it gives off an effortless cool. Think Jason Statham or David Beckham. Actually, James Deakin pulls it off pretty well, as evidenced above.

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