How To Avoid The Painful Cracked Lips And Dry Skin Of Summer

Be wary of chapped lips.

Summer is here, which means it’s the season for beach trips, outdoor fun, surfing....and dry skin and chapped lips. Even if summer's humidity should suggest otherwise, dryness in skin can happen. 

It's largely due to a number of factors such as excessive sun exposure and dehydration. Then, there are also other instances such as staying too long in an air-conditioned room (presumably due to the intense heat) or swimming in pools treated with chlorine. 

When your lips are feeling flaky and your throat parched, that may be already one of the early signs that you could be getting dehydrated. Left on its own, this could lead to more serious consequences.

Here's how to navigate summer's dehydration and dryness. 

1| Use a hydrator for your face and skin
Just because summer has arrived doesn’t mean you can head out into the outdoors willy-nilly (or soak in the sunrays without consquences). Slap on a water-based hydrator gel on your mug and limbs; it’ll restore suppleness to your skin without weighing it down or making it feel oily.  


2| Go for a lip balm with SPF
Lip balms are no longer limited to just the flowery, pastel kind; now, they come in medicated variants that combat severe chapping, too. There's also some with SPF because lips need a lot of love. They are a lot more delicate than other body parts. 

3| Load up on water
Heat equals dehydration. And when you’re dehydrated, it shows through flaky skin and cracked lips. Insane summer temperatures causes us to overheat and lose hydration much faster, so it’s important to drink water even more frequently. Not only will it keep your skin better moisturized, it’ll also save you a potential trip to the hospital. 

4| Don’t spend too much time in an air-conditioned room
Chances are, we’re spending most of our time indoors, what with the insufferable heat and all. In case you didn’t know, air conditioners also suck out moisture from the air, which could potentially lead to dry skin. If you can, step out during your lunch break, if only to walk under the sun momentarily. 

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5| Skip the hot shower
Yes, steamy showers can be downright therapeutic, but they are unnecessary in this kind of weather. When the water is too hot, it can sap the moisture out of our skin and strip it of its natural oils. Please keep your showers short and the water temperature lukewarm.

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