Louis Vuitton's Newest Fragrance Wants You to Be Well

Pacific Chill is all about relaxation and inspiration—and it smells damn good.

There's nothing like West Coast relaxation. The wind in your hair, sea salt and palm trees mingling on the breeze, a detox smoothie gripped in one hand and the leather of your steering wheel in the other. For all it's TikTokky bells and star-studded whistles, L.A. knows how to do wellness in a way few other cities do—and Louis Vuitton knows it.

For the past four years, the luxury brand has put out fragrances inspired by Los Angeles. Its latest edition, Pacific Chill, homes in on one aspect of the city: its wellness culture. I'm talking about sunshine and sea and sand and good fuckin' vibes, baby. To bottle that seemingly intangible something into a singular scent? A high task indeed, and one Louis Vuitton pulled off to a T.

"I'm not a scientist," emphasizes Louis Vuitton master perfumer, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. "But I know that a good fragrance makes you feel good."

Louis Vuitton Pacific Chill


Photo by Louis Vuitton.

Belletrud emphasizes to Esquire that, at its core, Pacific Chill is a fragrance meant to make you feel good. It's a scent that you wear; not one that wears you. Belletrud was inspired by the wellness culture of Los Angeles when he got the idea for the new scent—specifically, the smoothie he'd been drinking for four days straight, a concoction of carrots, ginger, and orange juice. As he felt inspired by the detox, he wanted to create a perfume that was the very essence of that feeling—replacing any bad energy with something that feels good.

"This is a scent that's light, and fresh, but still velvety," explains Belletrud. "It's long-lasting—when you leave a room you were in, the next person who comes in will know you were there."

A fragrance that has wellbeing benefits is certainly hard to achieve—but Louis Vuitton proves that it isn't impossible. With notes of carrot seed (providing that rich, velvet tone), basil, mint, and blackcurrant, Pacific Chill invites its wearer on a Californian odyssey, no matter where they are; it's like bottling the point where sky meets sea, and spraying it directly onto your skin.

Louis Vuitton Pacific Chill


Photo by Louis Vuitton.
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As the only maison that makes it’s fragrances in-house, Louis Vuitton has created a perfume that carries Belletrud's touch with it in every spritz. The packaging itself is a SoCal vision: a painting by artist Alex Israel, where palm trees reach for the Malibu sky. Even the green glass bottle carries impeccable attention to detail. "It's supposed to be energizing and fresh," says Belletrud. "Young people especially aren't fooled by pricetags anymore. The quality of the fragrance still has to be there." And it certainly is.

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