All the Questions About Coloring Hair That Men Are Afraid to Ask Out Loud

A few tips on taking on the world of color.
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Never mind the old notion that coloring your hair makes you less of a man. Today, you can dye your hair in whatever color you please, but there are a few basic guidelines to remember in order to avoid looking like a third grader’s messy art project.  


1| Should I dye my hair? Is it acceptable only if my hair is turning gray?
Yes, the presence of gray hair is the most common reason men reach for the dye bottle, but even if your hair isn’t graying, there’s no reason not to experiment with other shades. That said, the color you should get will largely depend on your line of work and personal style. As with all other style choices, this should fit you.


2|  Can I DIY it? 
As a rule of thumb, no; but especially not it if you’re dyeing your hair for the first time. Professional colorists know how to best achieve the color you’re going for. Without their guidance, that warm shade of auburn might turn into a shocking scarlet. There’s also the risk of hair damage and chemical burns. 



3| Natural or edgy?
You can never go wrong with black, which several barbershops offer, but can you veer away from the usual? As mentioned, your needs and aesthetic should inform your hue of choice. If you work in a traditional nine-to-five, you can probably get away with going a few shades lighter or even getting that popular reddish-brown tone, but definitely stay away from bright colors. 

If you’re the type whose style is more avant-garde, we wager you can pull off more daring looks. Achieving certain colors involve more complex processes and even more trips to the salon, so please consult with your stylist in advance. 


4| Will colored hair be easy to care for?
Color-treated hair is high-maintenance. It's prone to damage and dryness, even more so if it was double-processed. If you're particularly concerned about hairfall or breakage, be wary of edgy colors, which usually rely on double processing to achieve a particular shade.


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5| Should I just embrace the gray?
Sometimes it's best to hide in plain sight. Gray hair, with the right haircut, can lend a sophisticated and distinguished look to a man of a certain age.

Go ahead, be like Clooney, you sly fox.

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