Hair Products That Will Make You Look Like These Famous Men

The right stuff will shape your sad mop into these celebrity hairstyles.
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Why do men need hair products? Well, it's because hair is one of the first things people will notice about you. A great head of hair improves your appearance, offering a good first impression to the people you meet. 

Take a look at this collection of actors, singers, and celebrities. They invest so much on haircuts and hairstyles in order to get that stylish yet effortless look. To copy their screen-worthy hairstyles, what you need is the right cut and, of course, the best hair products for men. Here, we break down the hairstyles of our favorite well-groomed stars.  

1| Ryan Reynolds' Ivy League Crew Cut 

Reynolds sported a high-and-tight in Deadpool 2, and while that was good, we’re always eager to see him return to his signature Ivy League crew cut (which the actor slightly pushes back for a refined yet contemporary look). What’s great about his style is that it's easy, but has a lot of impact. To get the cut, his stylist keeps the top long and the sides short with a clipper. After shampooing and conditioning, his hair is air dried for a more natural, slightly disheveled look. 


The hair product: You need a lightweight styling clay and a pomade with high shine. The clay sculpts your hair into place without making it stiff (try Like A Boss Sculpting Hair Clay by Bad Lab), while the pomade adds that much-needed gloss. You also have to spot shine, as in highlight the best parts of your hair by using a minimal amount of product. This will make the style pop.

2| David Beckham's Grown-Out Buzz Cut  

We’ve seen Beckham wear a lot of hairstyles over the years, from his signature buzz cut in his youth, to a pomp-undercut hybrid in the earlier part of this decade, to the man bun this year. Now, he sports a grown-out buzz cut (like a French crop without the fringe), a look that exudes both rebellious appeal and the refinement that comes with age. To get the cut, simply ask your barber to keep the sides shorter than the top. 

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The hair product: For this low-maintenance look, just enhance the texture in your hair with a lightweight paste like Cocky Paste by Moe’s Professionals. This allows you to fix hair in place, while keeping it flexible.

3| Noah Centineo's Bed Head 

The star of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before makes the case for bed head. The key to achieving Centineo's hair is enhancing curls, while keeping them matte and natural-looking. Focus on products that hold volume, introduce body, and get rid of shine. Centineo’s stylist uses a balm to sculpt hair, a leave-in cream to control frizz, a dry shampoo to introduce a subtle lift, and the Oribe Superfine Hair Spray to lock the style in place while keeping locks brushable and soft.  

The hair product: You can recreate Centineo's hair with a much simpler routine. Dig into a styling balm or clay that allows you to sculpt hair into any style without making it stiff. We like the local Styling Clay Pomade by Mankind Apothecary Co., a lightweight formula that separates strands and holds styles in place with a matte finish. Then, apply dry shampoo at the roots to sop up a bit of moisture and also add volume. Try the Beach Born Dry Shampoo for a local and affordable option.


4| Kit Harington's Medium-Length Mop

Curly-headed gents have found their patron saint in Harrington, who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones. Guys with medium to thick hair have an advantage when it comes to achieving his hair's fullness, but men with straight hair can also do this look—they just need more work. 

To achieve Harrington’s medium-length mop, the right texturizing product is a must, as well as a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment. When used on curly hair, the diffuser dries natural curls and eliminates frizz. When used on straight hair, the diffuser ensures that the style is set without drying hair back to its natural state.

The hair product: The key to Harrington's look is length and texture. For guys trying to bring out their natural curls, use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that’s gentle on curly or wavy hair. After hitting the shower, gently towel dry (wrap and dab—don't rub) and then apply a texturizing mousse for more curls or a sea salt spray, like Beach Born’s Sea Salt Spray for softer waves. 

Make sure to use a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product evenly. If you're going out somewhere special, blow dry with a diffuser for more defined curls. For an everyday style, you can skip the diffuser and just air dry for a more relaxed look.

5| Shawn Mendes' High-Shine Ringlets 

Take a page out of Mendes’ style book and wear a longer haircut with high-shine ringlets. The singer keeps the sides and nape short and the top long enough for styling. To get the right amount of volume and flexibility, Shawn’s hairstylist uses a clay spray, a hybrid between a dry shampoo and salt spray, to absorb excess oils while lifting the hair. After sculpting, she blasts his hair for 30 seconds with a blow dryer to add more volume.  


The hair product: A clay spray isn’t common here, but the style can also be achieved with mousse. Apply a curl-enhancing mousse from the back to the front, and then finish off with a water pomade for that slick look. Check out Bad Lab’s Water Based Pomade for high shine.

6| Jason Momoa's Beach-Ready Hair 

Part-surfer god, part-biker dude, part-Dothraki, and of course, part-superhero, Momoa, star of Aquaman, is the epitome of cool—no wonder guys want to be like him. What’s most striking about his look is his luscious, long, and beach-ready locks. Not all men can grow their hair as long as Momoa, so that in itself is an achievement. 

To get the cut: Just because you're going to grow your hair out doesn’t mean you can leave it be. Schedule regular trims with your barber or stylist to control its shape and get rid of those dry, split ends, which can slow down hair growth.  

The hair product: Momoa always looks like he's just stepped out of the ocean, so keeping texture and grit on your roots is key. Minimize shampooing to avoid stripping away natural oils, which are better for long hair, but use conditioner more often. Sea salt spray really is important to get those lived-in, surfer waves without actually having to drive down to the beach. Air dry for best results. Like Momoa, you can also use coconut oil to moisturize your tresses. This is readily available, but if store-bought is your thing, a leave-in cream will work just fine.

7| Bradley Cooper's Swept-Back Mane 

Cooper is somewhat of a hair chameleon, but after the success of A Star Is Born, it’s hard to imagine him without his long, swept-back mane. His movie hair is disheveled but not unsightly, combed over without being too slick, and has a bit of wave and texture. It's like Keith Urban's, really. To get the look, do not just aimlessly grow out your hair. Spend some time in the barber’s chair to get the shape. Remember to keep the back shorter than the rest to maintain even length.  


The hair product: There’s a naturally lived-in quality to this hairstyle, which means skipping the shampoo. Keep frizz at bay and unsnarl tangles with a hydrating spray like Beach Born’s Sunset Spray. To keep the part in place, style hair with a clay pomade that provides a naturally matte finish.

8| Ryan Gosling's High-And-Tight  

Gosling rarely looks disheveled with his signature high-and-tight cut. The good news is that his hairstyle suits both straight- and fine-haired crowd. Even those with thinning hair can benefit from his look. Apart from the usual crew cut with a side part, ask your barber to give your hair texture  

The hair product: After hopping out of the shower, towel dry hair and then work in a clay product to really bring out the texture. Try Like A Boss Sculpting Hair Clay by Bad Lab for a lightweight formula. If you're looking for a silky shine, switch out the clay for paste, which usually has medium shine. Finish off with a blast from the blow dryer to secure the style.

9| The Rock's Bald Head 


There’s not much to say about The Rock’s bald head, except that it looks damn good. If you’re committed to going bald, seek a professional to make sure that you’ve got the head for it and that the head shave won’t result in patches. Afterward, ask him for tips on maintaining the shave at home. 

The product: Your naked head will need sunscreen to ward off the UV rays of the sun.

How Do You Style Curly or Wavy Hair?

When it comes to ringlets or waves or any other hair texture that’s not straight, stick to one rule: Don’t fight nature. There’s no use frying your strands into submission. Instead, style curly or wavy hair by enhancing its texture.


Even without a high-maintenance routine, curls immediately improve their appearance with just the right shower ritual: Curls tend to dry and frizz out more easily than straight hair, so take care of hair when you shampoo it. Coarser hair can withstand fewer days of shampooing, because the scalp produces enough natural oils to coat the hair strands. Just take a wide-toothed comb to distribute those oils evenly across your scalp, and you might be surprised to find out that these natural oils are an even better styling agent than products in the market.

When you do shampoo, switch out your old one for a gentler formula that focuses on moisture. Look for sulfate- and paraben-free products, which are milder on the scalp and won’t strip your hair of its oils. Get used to conditioning more often (in between those non-shampooing days), too, to soften those curls.

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