Wearing This New Fragrance is Like Going on an Adventure

There's no such thing as a perfect scent, but Montblanc Explorer comes pretty close.

Montblanc pulls out all the stops when it comes to its products. From writing instruments to watches, jewelry to leather goods, the German brand makes them all. And when it comes to fragrances, it has worked with master perfumers such as Michel Almairac, Sonia Constant, Pierre Bourdon, Bernard Ellena, Nathalie Feisthauer, and Corrine Cachen, to name a few.

Photo by Montblanc.

Since 2001, Montblanc has released 27 fragrances that speak of the brand's heritage. This year, it introduces a new scent that defines the brand even more. The Explorer, a new release after a year of absence, is clearly a step above the rest. Concocted by Jordi Fernandez, Antoine Maisondieu, Olivier Pescheux, it is a woody-aromatic-leather fragrance that is also intriguingly citrusy.

What the scent projects is Montblanc's sense of adventure, a theme that's always been connected with the brand. Through time, travelers have relied on Montblanc for its sturdy, elegant fountain pens that never leak. It's this reliability that's appealed to explorers all over the world, and something the noses behind the fragrance have taken into account, using bergamot from Italy, vetiver from Haiti and patchouli from Indonesia in the scent.

Photo by Montblanc.

Bergamot explodes with floral, green, and fresh notes to start the fragrance. “I find this ingredient particularly luminous, like a young Mediterranean boy bursting with laughter: pure and eminently elegant,” says Maisondieu. “Bergamot is also an icon of Calabria and symbolizes the light of this region. We wanted to infuse Montblanc Explorer with this unique atmosphere, synonymous with joy, light, and refinement.”

Vetiver comes in to add a smokey hue that evokes hazelnut. “I love the fact that it takes time to truly understand all the richness of vetiver,” explains Pescheux. “It's not a common or easy-to-access smell. It's authentic, raw, and earthy. Vetiver is a root with strong masculine accents: The combination of complexity and roughness gives it real virility.”

Are you a cologne guy?

Absolutely, it tops off everything perfectly.

No, I save it for special occasions.


Just when it seems complex enough, patchouli rounds off the fragrance with warmth. “Patchouli is often at the center of my creations, as it brings a rich and complex character to the perfume, it is the beating heart of the fragrance,” explains Fernandez. “This incredible custom-made patchouli gives a unique olfactory dimension to our palette. I used it in Montblanc Explorer to bring its iconic signature to it. It enhances the leather and cocoa notes of the composition, without showing its earthy facet.

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That each note has been painstakingly sourced from different parts of the world adds a sense of exploration to the creation, making it seem like you've been to the four corners of the globe. In all, Montblanc Explorer is an exceptional fragrance that lets you experience adventure with every spritz.

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