This Local Grooming App Lets You Book a Barber for Haircuts at Home

It's like Uber or Grab but for haircuts.
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Luigi Nuñez and Gino Jacinto were out having a drink while pondering the chaos that is Metro Manila’s traffic when the idea of the Sif came to them.

One of them needed a haircut, but dreaded the idea of heading to the barbershop because of the standstill traffic. “I hate having to spend hours on the road, struggling with parking, and waiting in line just to get my haircut,” says Jacinto.

And then it hit them: “What if we made the barber come to us?” Nuñez and Jacinto realized that the market for this kind of service was huge, and soon, they were brainstorming on an app that would provide on-demand grooming services, over bottles of beer.

(Incidentally, Nuñez is also the one of the geniuses behind Beer Below Zero, a revolutionary refrigeration technology that stores beer at a temperature lower than zero degrees, just before it freezes solid. It was so successful that it disrupted the food and beverage industry locally and internationally.)

When asked about the name “Sif,” the founders point to the wife of the Norse god Thor. Nuñez and Jacinto came across a quote that hit home for them: “Thor, for all his angst and bravado, had one soft spot, and that’s Sif.” Much like Thor who was passionate about his wife, the founders consider Sif as a passion project, their soft spot.  

Sif is a grooming and pampering app.

In sum, Sif is a grooming and pampering app that sends its partners—experienced stylists, barbers, nail techs—to your location. It was launched in December 2018 and is currently in beta testing as of this writing, but users in Metro Manila can already begin booking its barber services.  


For Nuñez, Sif is very convenient, especially since he handles multiple businesses and is very particular with how he plans his schedules. “I needed something like Sif so I can multitask and be more productive,” he adds.

Sif is the local grooming and pampering app that sends barbers, stylists, and nail techs to your location—just like Grab or Uber.


Sif works just like Uber or Grab.

If you’ve downloaded and used Uber or Grab, you will find that Sif is no different. First-time users need to create an account linked to their Google account, Facebook, or e-mail. Once registered, booking one of their partners takes only four steps. 

Step 1: Select the type of customer.

Men, women, kids, or group—services available will depend on the type of customer you select. 

Step 2: Select the type of service you want.

These include the barber’s cut, shave, beard sculpting, mentholated scalp massage, and hair color, among others. Sif has also partnered with Davines, which provides top-of-the-line hair care products for services like the anti-dandruff treatment and hair and scalp masks.  

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Traditional barbershop services, from haircut to shave, massage to hair coloring, are available through the app.

IMAGE: Mario Alvaro Limos

Step 3: Tag your proximate location on the map. 

Once your location is tagged, click “Make a request.” 

Step 4: Confirm additional details.

Fill out details such as your house number or building name. You can also write additional notes or special instructions for your barber, and you’re done. 

Sif runs a proximity algorithm to fulfill requests.

Sif has two types of booking options: on-demand booking and advance booking. On-demand booking is available for those who want immediate grooming and pampering services done at location. Advance booking, on the other hand, is just like setting an appointment with a barber or stylist who will go to your location.

On-demand and advanced bookings give you your grooming fix anytime and anywhere you want.

IMAGE: Mario Alvaro Limos

The app runs on a proximity algorithm so that when a customer makes an on-demand booking, it will assign the closest partner to the location. However, while partners prioritize immediate dispatches, their response time still depends on their availability and location. 

Currently, Sif operates from 6 am to 8 pm, but partner barbers are willing to accommodate special schedules such as wedding days and other events that usually require off-hours preparations. On the other hand, if a customer makes an advance booking through the app, partners are guaranteed to arrive at the location of choice at the agreed time.

Sif knows about the high-fade loose pompadour.

Sif does not only offer convenience, it also offers the latest styles. If you are a fan of the ever-reliable textured quiff or the high-fade loose pompadour, you will be happy to know that Sif’s barbers are highly trained for it. Partners have years of experience and have undergone extensive training with Davines to make sure that all their techniques and product knowledge are up to date. 

Customers can also expect stylists to be very honest in their assessment of which style best suits them. Partners usually ask men what style of haircut they would like, and then make recommendations. “Sif aims to promote a very dynamic and friendly relationship between their partners and customers so that an honest conversation can take place,” says Nuñez. 

Sif can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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