Men, Here's The One Habit You Should Start Doing to Look Good

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Men, we know how difficult it can be to keep a skincare routine, so we're breaking it down to the basic thanks to a consultation with Dr. Windie Hayano of The Skin Inc Dermatology and Laser Center.

On the one habit men can do:

Sunblock and reapplying sunblock. Premature aging and skin cancer are not sexy. A regimen of cleanser, moisturizer (preferably ones with an active ingredient like a retinoid, AHAs, BHAs), and sun protection will go a long way. 

On the most common skincare complaint from Filipino men:

Men see us most commonly for acne and acne scars, or if they really have a skin disease that they can't ignore anymore (including STDs). Surprisingly, they see us for eye bags, too. They normally can't put a finger on it but would say things like “I look tired and hungover.” 

On the importance of looking good:

Taking care of yourself means you are conscientious about other things in your life as well—including potential partners, employers, and friends. How you look says a lot about you. I think now the playing field is more even, and thanks to social media, there's pressure on men to look good as well.

One adopting preventive measures when taking care of your skin:

Have a skin care regimen. Moisturize and use sunblock. Have laser treatments. They work and are much less painful than a break-up (especially with new technology). Don’t be afraid to try Botox and fillers, because men could use them too.


Looking like you've done meth and walking around with sagging skin, hallowed out cheeks, and deeply etched wrinkles does not look good on Facebook or Snapchat. Look up Mick Jagger then and now. It just might send you to our office.

The Skin Inc Dermatology and Laser Center is at Tritan Plaza Building, Paseo de Magallanes, Makati City; contact (02) 853-3024.

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