Here's the Lowdown on Song Kang's Fitness and Skincare Regimen


You might be wondering, 'who is Song Kang, and why do I need to care?' But ignorance, feigned or otherwise, will have you missing out on real talent. From making an impression through his breakout role as Hwang Sun-oh in Love Alarm to being the leading man in Sweet Home and Nevertheless, Song Kang's star is swiftly on the rise—and he is well on his way to be a household name beyond K-drama fans. That is, if he isn't already.

The 28-year-old actor from Korea was recently in Manila for a special "Fun Meet" organized by Korean beauty brand, Deoproce, and while his trip was short, he definitely made every minute count. From the very moment he landed, Kang had "explored the streets of Manila" and already tried a slew of different local food favorites. These included Jolibee and traditional Filipino fare such as halo-halo, kare-kare, and bulalo. "And garlic rice!" he quipped at the press conference held ahead of the main event. Approving nods from everyone in attendance followed, charmed by just how natural and personable he has proven to be in real life.

But Song Kang is so much more than just striking good looks, unmistakable talent, and a lot of charisma, so Esquire Philippines learns from this day spent with the Korean actor and Deoproce. Despite all his success as the token "Son of Netflix" at his young age, he is humble and hardworking. He brings this discipline into his work as an actor and into his self-care routines, which are primarily composed of his workout and skincare regimens. These are key parts of his everyday life to which he credits as crucial to his success in his craft and his overall well-being.

Song Kang attends his fan meeting with Deoproce on March 5, 2023 in Manila, Philippines.
Photo by COURTESY.

During the Fun Meet, the Navillera actor admitted that he can't live without exercise and he truly loves to keep fit. He keeps his workouts interesting by switching it up, being adventurous when it comes to sports and trying many different things like tennis, kendo, and Pilates. That said, at the end of the day, he loves his gym time the most and he religiously weight trains because that is what shows the most results in his physique. He shared, "Exercise is very important, but if you have a [good] diet also, you'll get better results with your regimen."

As for what he eats on a typical day, Kang answered that he keeps it simple and clean. For him, this means a lot of salads, chicken breast, and beef without the fat. Because of his weight training, he prioritizes getting enough protein to build lean body mass. He also shared that he has been making a greater effort to consume more vegetables, to help with digestion and fill up when paired with his protein-heavy diet.

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When it comes to his clear and glowing skin, the K-drama actor's healthy lifestyle can't take all the credit. Of course, skincare remains king in this particular aspect of self-care and Kang starts every day with this streamlined routine to address his mostly dry skin. Just like his workouts, he keeps it simple. He will first cleanse, and then apply toner, followed by a moisturizer, and finish with a sun cream. And while he thinks all skincare is important, he thinks cleansing is very important and admits to putting a lot of attention and detail, particularly into his cleansing routine. 

Deoproce Green Caviar Cream Moisturizer 110ml


Kang has been the ambassador of Deoproce since 2021, the announcement of which ran concurrently with the launch of the popular Green Caviar Line. Ever since it was introduced to the market in 2016, the Korean brand has made a name for itself specializing in producing products that use natural ingredients like plant extracts, snail, spider web essence, and pig collagen in its extensive—and effective—product line-up. 

The Green Caviar line in particular is powered by vitamins A and C, which boost the skin's natural collagen production, helping reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It's also packed with fatty acids, which can help with skin dryness and irritation—leaving skin finally balanced and healthy, from the inside out.

If you missed Song Kang's Manila visit, don't fret. The K-actor has been hard at work filming Sweet Home's sophomore season, reprising his role of Cha Hyun-Su, which will be arriving on our screens soon via, you guessed it, Netflix.

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