How to Properly Wash Your Back and All the Other Unreachable Parts of Your Body

A handy guide to being squeaky clean

Though a rugged appearance is appealing to women, there are certain things that she’d still like you to keep tidy. Here’s how to take care of the overlooked body parts in your grooming routine.



All your bad habits, including using the wrong bath soaps, staying too long under the sun, and skipping showers after workouts lead to back breakouts, which are not only unsightly but pretty irritating, as well. To prevent bacne, ramp up your showers to twice every day and use a body wash that contains acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash offers a gentle but thorough clean, particularly in places you often miss. Just make sure to reach your back the next time you bathe.  



Fact: Earwax, also known as cerumen, is considered healthy because it protects the ear by flushing out foreign matter. When cleaning your ears, focus on the wax found outside the ear canal. Note: Most ear doctors will discourage you from using a cotton swab as it can do more damage than good. The best way to clean buildup is to use a swab dipped in a bit of alcohol (or a piece of wet wipes) and gently sweep the outer surface of the ear. Resist the urge to go into the canal. Once done, simply wipe your ear off with dry cloth, and it should be okay for at least another week.




Once you reach a certain age, nasal hair starts peeking out of its cave. Pulling them out with a pair of tweezers will reduce your nose’s capacity to defend itself as hair keeps foreign particles and moisture from entering the nasal passages, thus minimizing the risk of asthma and allergies. Use a pair of trimmers like the Philips Norelco Nose Trimmer 3100 to precisely remove unwanted growth.



Because there’s a fine line between looking like Jake Gyllenhaal and a neanderthal, make sure your arches are in order. Brush brows in their natural direction using a comb or a toothbrush. Using small pair of scissors with a straight, short blade like the Tweezerman Moustache Scissors snip of a millimeter straight across the tips. Brush down to check your work and trim again if necessary. But always practice restraint.

To remove any stray hairs, use a slant tweezer. The right time to pluck unwanted brow hair is after a steamy shower when pores are open. Remember to remove hair in the direction of their growth to avoid pain. And most of all, when grooming your brows, it’s best to keep things natural. In other words, a bit of stray hair found below and above the brow line looks masculine.

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Yes, you’ve gone a long way from the pimples during puberty, but a few stubborn skin problems remain. To get rid of blackheads found around your nose and on your cheeks, follow a deep cleansing facial regimen like Kiehl’s Rare Earth line, which includes a Deep Pore Facial Cleanser and a Cleansing Mask. An astringent toner also keeps oily skin more behaved. And should you find yourself caught in the crossfire of a breakout, resist the urge to pop your blackheads as this may lead to permanent scarring. Leave it to the professionals. Schedule monthly facials with your dermatologist.



Caring for your fingernails keeps infections and painful ingrowns at bay. Remember to trim your nails in a straight line, preferably with surgical-grade cutters such as Solingen Nail Clippers. A too curved snip may encourage the formation of ingrown nails, while a too short trim (hitting the nail bed) can also lead to infection. For more refined work, file your nails with fine-grit emery board to soften edges and reduce snags. You can also buff your nails to make sure they are spotless and shiny. And if your cuticles tend to crack or fray, dab a bit of coconut oil to moisturize them and keep fungal growth to a minimum.  




Nothing says dealbreaker than a rough footsie. To remove corns and calluses, use a pumice stone to buff away the excess skin on your soles. Do this after a shower. The thick skin on your feet is much softer after a good soak, making it the best time to exfoliate. After buffing, seal it with a moisturizer enhanced by salicylic acid, such as Burt’s Bees Acne Solutions Lotion, to get rid of rough patches. To prevent them from coming back, choose footwear that decreases pressure on the points of your sole where corns and calluses pop up.

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