What to Tell Your Barber If You Want to Cop Athletes’ Hairstyles

Be specific, and bring pics.
What to Tell Your Barber If You Want to Cop Athletes’ Hairstyles

Style, these days more than ever, is being steered in new directions by sportsmen. Now that fashion has percolated into the realms of streetwear and activewear, more and more athletes are being anointed as style icons. Pregame entrances—those long walks from the bus or the limousine into the stadium—have become the new runway, where athletes get to put designer labels on full display.

But it isn’t just the clothes; famous athletes are shaping the overall look of the modern man. That includes hairstyles—which have always been their way of carving out an image for themselves, on and off the court. In fact, the athletes of today have been especially keen about cut and style, so there are lots to take cues from. Consider:

The High and Tight

Most athletes keep their hair short and simple, so it won’t get in the way of their performance. Ask your barber for something short and trim along the sides, leaving half an inch to an inch of extra length on top. If you think your barber is skilled enough, ask for a nice long gradient fade from the top all the way down.

The Medium-Length Master

If you’re going for a stylish look that can go from a game to the afterparty in a minute, try keeping a modest beard and a sort-of-short hairstyle. Tell your barber not to take too much off, and to keep the top longer than the sides and back, tapering down the ear. Then trim your beard down so it won’t look untamed.

The Fearsome Full Beard

A few of the most well-known athletes try to make a signature look out of their facial hair. There are a lot of different ways you can follow suit, so just talk it through with your barber. But if you’d like to do the full beard, grow it out and ask your barber to help keep it even and clean. Invest in a good beard oil, a beard brush, and a tiny pair of scissors so you can trim it daily.

Winning Waves

If you’ve got a mop of beautiful waves, embrace it—don’t force yourself to cut it down. Maybe opt for a salon instead of a barber, and ask your stylist to keep the volume. Then just toss a headband on when it’s winning time.

The Sportsman’s Bun

The truth is that long hair isn’t very practical for most sports. But style is about you doing you. If you’d like to keep your hair long and just tie it up for games, that’s fine—just keep it clean and kempt. Visit the barber every so often just to help thin your mop down a little, then take extra care of it with shampoo.

The foundation of every good haircut is healthy hair and clear scalp. Without that, it wouldn’t matter if you had the coolest cut on the hardwood, or even if you had the skills to match. CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol can help activate your scalp’s protection layer and fight dandruff. A more resilient head of hair can stand up to whatever sort of cut or style you’d like to pull, as well as the strain of trying to live up to it on the court.

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