The Most Iconic Hairstyles of Famous Filipino Men

What's a star without his crowning glory?

For better or worse, hair makes the man. Don't believe us? Just check out these memorable heads of hair, from Da King's good-boy pompadour to Goma's Bench crew cut.

1| Bembol Roco

This iconic hairstyle is from when Bembol Roco had hair. It's also from his life-changing and award-winning portrayal of Julio Madiaga in Maynila sa Kuko ng Liwanag. The wispy mop top, somehow always sweaty, evokes the actor's sensitivity and was the epitome of '70s style.


2| Fernando Poe, Jr.


Da King, with a short pompadour, is in his good-boy best. He would go on to become one of the legendary Filipino stars of all time—and keep the hairstyle, too.


3| Ace Vergel

“The Original Bad Boy of Philippine Movies” had his style game locked down. Leather jackets, spread collars, the works—and his comb-over was on point, too, hairsprayed to impenetrability.


4| Robin Padilla

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Like Ace Vergel, “The Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema” had haircuts as recognizable as his persona, but Padilla changed them to define where he was in life, from his skinhead in Anak ni Baby Ama to a clean side-fade crop fresh out of prison. We'll never forget this shoulder-length tousle in Mistah.


5| Richard Gomez

Richard Gomez was the poster boy for '90s athleticism as epitomized by his Bench commercials from the era. This is most evident in Saddle, where Gomez, riding through rugged hillsides and beaches on horseback, wore his iconic crew cut.


6| Jericho Rosales

The perennial leading man never fought the romantic appeal of his natural curls and hairline. These days, he grows out the top and keeps it short and high on the sides for an old-school feel.


7| Paulo Avelino


Layered on top, neat and tidy on the back and sides, and then parted to the side with a flick, Paulo Avelino is ready to take on the title role in Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. This is where he gets his award-winning cut.

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