The Most Practical Solutions To Thinning Hair

Rock your balding crown with pride.

Men, there’s no fighting nature’s course. Thinning hair is a fact of life, much more so if you’re genetically predisposed to balding and especially when you’ve reached a certain age. The evidence is in the bald spots that you see on your crown every time you look in the mirror. You'll know that time has finally caught up with you no matter how hard you try to deny it.

It can be frustrating to see sparse patches of hair on your scalp, but that doesn’t have to spell a crippling life sentence hiding under caps. The best way to rock a thinning crown is to simply embrace it and bald gracefully. Here's how to do it. 

Wear it short
Denying the fact that you’re balding is the worst thing you can do. Stop sporting the same cut you wore when you were 20 (and don’t even think about wearing a toupee). Keeping those few strands of hair long is counterproductive, as it only emphasizes your thinning hair.


Wearing your hair short not only makes you look fashion forward, it perfectly complements a balding head and, more important, looks deliberate. Consider a neat Caesar cut or a buzz crop. If you’re in your 30s and still at the beginning of hair loss, short and shaggy layers can help conceal the recession for now. 

Or, just shave everything off
If you can handle the drastic change, the best way to rock a bald head, in our opinion, is to quite simply, go bald like Mr. Clean. A shaved head is a ballsy move, a statement: It says you're fully embracing your crowning glory, even without the mane. 

Consider growing facial hair
Now that your scalp is more or less follicle-free, it’s time to draw attention to a different part of your face. Facial hair creates a contrast from a bald head, and can also suggest a rogue swagger that only comes with age.

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At this point, you probably know whether you have the capability to effortlessly grow a full-length beard, but if your chin fuzz is on the sparser side, try a designer stubble or a Van Dyke

Establish a signature style
Pairing your bare crown with a lousy outfit just suggests that you’ve resigned to age. But a bald head becomes a statement with the signature style. Think Jason Statham or The Rock. Bear in mind that certain clothing, like collared shirts and V-necks, will complement your head.

It also goes without saying that your style choices should reflect your age as an experienced individual; now’s not the time to dress like you’re two decades younger. 

Care for your dome
Without a crown of hair protecting your scalp, your bare head is exposed to the elements. The same way your skin needs moisturizing, your scalp also needs some topical TLC. Make sure that your dome stays matte, however. You wouldn’t want light to bounce off a shiny scalp.

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