These Bath Things Will Turn Your Sad Hair Into a Masterpiece

Why you need the finest hair ritual in your life now.

It's time to take care of you hair because, well, it's attached to your face, which is the first thing people see. In other words, your mop and mug are the frontliners that your wife or co-workers respond (or don't respond) to, and it would be nice if what greets them is not a sad head clump.

Because we are your personal lab rats for grooming (and very weird) concerns, we took a haircare system, which promises to give hair “a phenomenal look,” for a spin. Is it worth the extra 13 minutes in the bath? Does it really feel good? And will your new phenomenal hair please your co-workers?  

A feel-good hair ritual you should do

If you are serious or paranoid or just vain about the thing going on above your head, then you are familiar with Kérastase, the French luxury haircare brand that offers personal rituals for the creation of exceptional hair. Its many collections, each with a goal in mind (to repair damaged hair, to texturize thinning hair, for example) are for both men and women, so you should never be afraid to use the products. 

The Chronologiste line, in particular, is touted as the finest hair ritual Kérastase has ever created. This system, which is infused with the highest concentration of good ingredients for hair and scalp, prompts instant change. 

Inha Arceo, product manager of L'Oreal Philippines - Kérastase, describes the effects as “...softness, silkiness, suppleness, fluidity, more glow, more tonicity, more vitality, less breakage, less split ends, more volume, and hair reparation from within.” Can all that be achieved in three steps? 


A pre-shampoo that degunks the funk

The Gommage is a pre-shampoo step that exfoliates and purifies the scalp. IMAGE: Kerastase

The one in the squeeze bottle is called The Gommage, which is just a fancy way of calling a scrub a scrub or, really, an exfoliant that detoxifies and purifies the scalp and hair. Don't be alarmed by the viscous jelly, in which beads dressed in gold, float. A drop of liquid galaxy is in the palm of your hand, and now you have to massage it onto your scalp and hair for five minutes. That, you realize, is a long time, but all that work leads to a cleaner head of hair, right? After rinsing, you feel light.  

A shampoo that imparts a velvet touch

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The slippery texture of the Bain Chronologiste delivers smoothness and softness. IMAGE: Kerastase

How can a shampoo be luxurious? Much like how chocolate (the really good kind) melts like angel goo in your mouth, it is in the feel. On your hair, the clear, slippery liquid of the Bain Chronologiste applies just like that: with much glide in between strands. The texture makes the mundance act of shampooing feel so pleasurable that you may do it longer than required.

This is Kérastase's most concentrated shampoo filled with good stuff like Abyssine, vitamin A and E, and ceramides. We'll spare you the mumbo jumbo, and say that all that leads to smoothness and also strength. It just feels good.  

A hair mask that strenghtens

The Crème Chronologiste contains a large amount of active ingredients to regenerate hair fibers. IMAGE: Kerastase

What is a hair mask, but a mask for the hair, as in white cream that you massage onto wet hair, leave on for five minutes, and then rinse.


Consider the Crème Chronologiste as a turbo-charged conditioner, and apart from the other ingredients in the shampoo, it also contains something called mimetic-caviar pearls. You won't see it like the gold micro-beads of the shampoo, but know that it helps preserve and then deliver the active ingredients designed for “instant sublimation.” Or transformation. Says Arceo, “It replenishes, softens, and smoothens the hair fibers and revitalizes the scalp.” 

What happens after

1| After the ritual, there is a bouncy quality to hair, and hours later even in the drying cold of your office, a luster remains. In other words, it looks healthy. So much better is the appearance and behavior of a usually unruly mop that you can bravely go without hair product. It won't look like a lifeless mass, but more like textured, glossy fur.  

2| What you will also notice right away is what Kérastase promises: Chronologiste is a sensorial experience in that its application feels so much better—the best in fact—than whatever else you've ever put on your head.

3| Maybe sometimes you skip the first step. Maybe sometimes you forget that you can only use the mask once a week. And maybe no one notices your new crop at all. All that is okay. What matters is that you care enough to take more care of the mop that you have.  

Chronologiste by Kérastase is available at Basement Salon Aura, SM Aura, BGC

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