This One-Stop Shop Makes It a Total No-Brainer to Stock Up on Grooming Essentials

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This One-Stop Shop Makes It a Total No-Brainer to Stock Up on Grooming Essentials

Some men see shopping as a mission. Once the target is secured, grab it, pay, and go! Problems arise when, one, they don’t know what they need, and two, they don’t know where to find what they need.

Luckily, some shops have made it their mission to make men’s shopping as quick and efficient as possible. Enter Watsons. This one-stop shop has a dedicated Made for Men section where all its men’s products, namely men’s grooming essentials, can be found. So, finding and buying what you need is pretty straightforward, just the way you like it!

So, stop settling for less (like that shady body lotion you found at home or your girlfriend’s facial wash). Now you can find and buy grooming products specially formulated for men’s bodies. From men’s shaving products, deodorants, bath and hair care products, skin whitening solutions, and sunscreens, to anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products, find them all at Watsons men’s section.

This also applies to the Watsons app. No need to browse different categories; everything you need grooming-wise is lumped in on one page.

We took it upon ourselves to check out what’s available on the Watsons app and believe us when we say—there’s a lot. Check out some of our finds from the app below:

Rexona Men Ultra Protect Dry Cream Cool Burst 48g

This anti-perspirant stick will help you stay fresh and dry so you stay cool and confident all day long. Its dry cream formula is easy to apply and dries quickly, so you won’t have to worry about staining your clothes.

Rexona Men Ultra Protect Dry Cream Active Boost 48g

If you live an active lifestyle, consider getting your hands on the Rexona Men Ultra Protect Dry Cream Active Boost anti-perspirant stick. It will help you stay fresh and dry even after a day full of movement.

Gillette Mach 3 Base Cartridge 4s

Get a close shave every time with the help of Gillette Mach 3. It features a gel strip that glides to help protect your skin from redness as well as an Advanced Skin Guard which helps stretch your skin so you can get a close shave for a clear and smooth appearance.

Gillette Mach3 Turbo 3D Motion Razor 1s

Don’t you just hate it when your razors immediately go dull? The Gillette Mach 3 Turbo 3D Motion Razor features a long-lasting lubrication strip and sharper blades so you can get the most use out of the razor.

Nivea MEN Extra White 10x Effect Face Moisturizer with SPF 30 40ml

Who doesn’t love a multitasking skincare product? This moisturizer from Nivea can help brighten your complexion and shield your skin from the harmful UV rays because it has SPF 30. Its non-greasy formula makes helps it to be easily absorbed by your skin, great if you hate the sticky feeling of skincare products!

Nivea MEN Facial Wash Deep Oil Clear with Black Essences Mud Foam 100g

Got oily skin? This facial wash helps keep oiliness at bay while cleansing your pores from gunk and other impurities with the help of Charcoal-Enriched Mud Foam so you can start and end the day with a clean and fresh face.

Irish Spring Moisture Blast Bodywash 18oz

Level up bathtime with this bodywash from Irish Spring. It’s formulated to provide a refreshing and moisturizing sensation, kind of like you’re hydrated by a raging waterfall. Pretty cool, huh?

Irish Spring Aloe Bar Soap 104g 6-Pack

Looking for a soap bar that can help your skin feel healthy and fresh? Irish Spring’s Aloe Bar is right up your alley. It has the healing properties of aloe which can help restore your skin for a healthier appearance.

Easy, straightforward, and convenient—that’s what the Watsons men’s section is all about. Shopping for men’s grooming essentials need not be a daunting task, after all!

Shop for men’s grooming essentials easily at Watsons’ men's section. Visit 900+ stores nationwide or download and shop via the Watsons app

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