Three Low-Maintenance Ways to Style Your Hair When You Travel

Fast, easy, almost wash-and-wear—wherever you are.
Three Low-Maintenance Ways to Style Your Hair When You Travel

Traveling is about taking in the sights, and your own appearance is no exception. So, before you actually hop on that plane, take an afternoon off to preset some outfits and for one of the most underrated trip preparation moves: getting a fresh haircut.

It may seem risky to go for something new right before a major moment in your IG feed, but you can’t go wrong with one of these low-maintenance classics.


The Ivy League Crew Cut

This timeless haircut works with all hair types and offers convenience in more ways than one. It provides the best ventilation short of shaving it all off, and it’s practically wash-and-wear—ideal for a sweaty backpacking trip around Asia.

The crew cut is also a good choice if you’re mixing business with pleasure and expect to talk shop over dinner with some foreign counterparts. It can even be styled product-free, which is not a small feat for a tourist on-the-go.



The Two Block

If you’re heading to some colder climes, consider borrowing this look from the cool kids of Korea. Wavy-haired males can easily pull off this street-savvy counterpart of the undercut.

The two block haircut can be worn in varying lengths, but it’s best to go for a mid-length version. Wear it down with minimal or no product for a look that gives you extra protection against the chill.


The Messy Quiff

The key to an easy-wearing quiff that styles itself is proper volume; something curly-haired guys have in abundance, so consider this one your next look if you’ve got the swerves up top. Head to your barber or stylist a week or so before your trip and get your cut done.

Have it appropriately thinned out if you’re blessed with near-afro levels of thickness, or leave a little extra volume in for a head start if you initially struggle for shagginess.

By the time you fly to one of the globe’s style capitals, you’ll be in that perfectly messy stage where your hair isn’t razor sharp but isn’t overgrown either.

One thing you shouldn’t forget is packing your shampoo of choice when traveling. While male hair may be hardy, switching to a random product can cause your hair to go on the fritz. Pack a shampoo that can help make your hair fresh and dandruff free, like CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol.

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