Watch: How Many Hairstyles Can a Barber Pull Off With One Haircut?

Professional styling goes a long way.
Watch: How Many Hairstyles Can a Barber Pull Off With One Haircut?

At some point, a man comes to realize that a good haircut is an appropriate haircut-sharp yet inoffensive to spectators in any setting. Sometimes, either out of a sense of maturity, or even necessity, we must trade our shoulder-length mops and man-buns for something on the safer side of the spectrum: a haircut that can take us through most days, whether we're off to work, meeting clients, going out on a date, or attending a formal event.

The ideal haircut, then, becomes less and less about attitude and more about versatility. After all, a man shouldn't sacrifice the confidence of a sleek hairstyle for the sake of conformity. All he needs is a barber he can trust, plus the finesse to take a good haircut and style it in different ways that are appropriate for different days and situations.

To demonstrate this, three gentlemen went under the shears of Adrian Anore, in-house barber at Sports Cut in Kapitolyo: Gab Moreno, a model; Juls Rodriguez, a host; and Tim Medrano, a photographer. Each of them emerged from the barber's chair with a clean, fresh new haircut that can be styled in different ways. Check them out:

After a thorough scrub with a quality anti-dandruff shampoo, Adrian gave each man a sharp and timeless haircut. Juls got the French Crop-a short hairstyle and a twist on the Caesar haircut, with just enough length on top and along the forehead. For a casual vibe, the French Crop can be styled high and textured using a little product. It can also work for more formal settings, like the office, when brushed up and to the side. But should Juls ever feel the need for an edgier hairstyle, his French Crop can also be worn as a fringe.

The same goes for Gab, who got a Medium-Length Comb Over with a lot of volume on top. Tim, on the other hand, went for a shorter Side-Part style, tapered and faded down the sides. Both hairstyles give the men enough room to get creative with hairstyling, allowing them to pull off varying degrees of tousled and tame, depending on what the situation would demand.

This type of haircut-one that you can style and wear in different ways-is by no measure difficult to achieve. All it takes is a barber who knows what he's doing, a keen eye for styles that work, and the willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

But before all that, of course, one needs a clean and healthy head of hair. So before you hit up your barber for a new 'do, make sure to start with a regimen of CLEAR Cool Sport Menthol, an anti-dandruff shampoo that will help you care for your hair, and help make your scalp feel cool and fresh. Consider it the foundation of a truly versatile haircut, and the first step towards a more confident look wherever you go.

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