This Razor Gives You the Closest and Most Comfortable Shave

The old-school shave is also a little bit dangerous.
IMAGE Jacinto Espiritu Jr.

Just as there are many kinds of products you can use to shape your mop, so are there many kinds of implements to take off the fur on your face. There is the supermarket razor that performs an okay job for every day. There is also the safety razor, an old school tool that your father and his father used for clean shaves. 

And then, there is something even older, the straight razor, which, despite the many advancements in shaving technology, such as the ability to stack numerous blades together as well as make them vibrate, remains the best implement to achieve a smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom shave (read: super close) that is also gentle on your skin. 

Having said that, the straight razor can be dangerous. It is essentially a switchblade that you swipe onto the skin of your face and neck on purpose. With a less skilled hand, this can spell trouble. (Why, hello there, blood!)


To safely introduce yourself to this cutthroat way of shaving, head to an expert, your neighborhood barber, who will do all the work for you and then some. Come for the haircut, stay for the straight razor shave, and also enjoy the massage after.  

Produced by Clifford Olanday; editing by Jasrelle Serrano; videography by Jacinto Espiritu Jr.; lighting by Paul del Rosario; grooming by Bernie Relles; makeup by Ruel Papa; modeled by Brad Villalon; special thanks to Felipe & Sons  

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