What a Man’s Hairstyle Says About Him

Believe it or not, it matters.

Our hair is like a zodiac sign—it tells people what your personality is like, except it’s more rooted in your personal preferences than in the stars’ alignment. So what does your haircut say about you? Here’s what five of the more popular men’s hairstyles hint at:

1. Pompadour

The man with a pompadour is an old soul. He’s nostalgic for the classics and wishes more men could be like the movie stars of old—calm, cool, and charming. He also doesn’t mind putting in the work for things that matter to him. Like his hair. 

2. Fade

This style is for the man who likes things neat and simple. He’ll put a little work into his appearance, but not too much—he doesn’t want to look like he’s actually trying. When he goes to the barber, all he needs to say is, “Whatever looks good.” And 98% of the time, it’s a Fade. 

3. Buzzcut

The go-to style of the man who is confident in his facial features. He likely has an active lifestyle, too, which is why he prefers to go short rather than deal with matted, sweaty patches of hair. That, or his hair is thinning—and this is the best-looking alternative. Either way, the Buzzcut is for the man who knows what he wants. 

4. Long

The man who wears his hair long doesn’t care much about what other people think of him—as long as it’s good. He has little regard for societal norms. At the same time, his rebellious streak comes with a sense of responsibility because long hair is really hard to manage, damn it! 

5. Top Knot

The Top Knot is for the man who wants it all. Long on the top and short on the sides, it’s the socially acceptable version of the mullet—clean yet carefree, classy yet crass, serious yet fun-loving. He also doesn’t mind having something on his head that people can pull on. Hey, sometimes it feels nice, okay? 

Aside from these haircut profiles, the way a man takes care of his hair tells you a lot about him, too. If it’s dry, brittle, and lackluster, chances are he’s a guy who doesn’t think much about his appearance. Either he’s lacking in self-confidence, or he’s too lazy to care about proper hygiene.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Dove Men+Care.
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