What You Need to Know Before Shaving Your Head

Baldly go where many men have gone before.

So you’ve decided to shave your head. Whether it’s because you can no longer successfully hide your receding hairline, or you're just now jumping onto the Fast & Furious bandwagon, going bald is a bold choice.

But before you put blade to scalp, you’d do well to know how to best go about it.

1| DIY or barber?

First off, if you’ve never shaved your head before, you should place your soon-to-be shiny dome in the care of a trusty professional. Barbers have the tools and products to get the job done and you can learn how it’s done from a seasoned pro. It’s harder than it seems and if you don’t already sport a short haircut, you’ll have to get a pair of scissors and make like every single escapee ever in a prison break movie.

Once you’re confident enough to go the DIY route, maintain your shaved head with a quality razor. Make sure your blades are fresh, use slick shaving cream, take your time and always remember to shave with the grain. Going against the grain may cause irritation and breakouts.

2|  Polish your look

To make sure your scalp stays smooth and hydrated after a shave, apply a moisturizing aftershave. For daily maintenance, we recommend using lotions containing cocoa butter for its moisturizing and protective properties. If you’re the type whose skin tends to look greasy quickly, you might want to consider a matte option. Ask your barber on your initial visit for recommendations you can try out on the spot.


3| Protect your head

If you thought maintaining a shaved head means throwing out your shampoo, think again. You’ll still need to keep up your usual regimen to remove oil and dirt build-up, and prevent rashes caused by your razor. You can use a moisturizing soap to cleanse your scalp, but a small dab of shampoo and moisturizing conditioner is preferable.

While you’re at it, give your scalp a treat with a fingertip massage. Or even better, enlist your wife or girlfriend with the task of giving you a nice scalp rub. The occasional professional shave and scalp treatment from a barber will firm your resolve about your decision to go bald.

You’ll also want to invest in a skin moisturizer with at least SPF 15 to protect your exposed scalp from the sun. There’s nothing more irritating than an itchy, red scalp. If you’re a hat guy, now’s the time to bring back the Fedora look or invest in a baseball cap collection. 

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