Study Shows Working Long Hours Can Make You Bald

Down with long hours!

If there's something that all studies can agree on, it's that working long hours isn't helping anyone. Aside from the fact that overworking could literally kill you, a recent study has found a direct link between working hours and hair loss.

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Yup, working long hours can lead to the development of alopecia.

The study comes from the Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine and Kangbuk Samsung Hospital's Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in Korea. Researchers conducted the four-year-long study to "explore the relationship between long working hours and the development of alopecia among Korean male workers."

Though hair loss has a lot of causes—genetics, stress, infection, hormonal imbalance, blood circulation disorders, nutritional imbalance, and drug use—workers who clocked in 40 to 52 hours a week were more at risk for baldness. And it all points to job-related stress.

We're not at all against baldness (a lot of men can pull it off!), but maybe skip overtime for your hair's sake.

What do you think of the study's findings?

Down with long hours!



Korea, as it seems, is really into studying hair loss. In fact, scientists over there have been trying to develop a cure for baldness.

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