These Are the Worst Hair-Related Mistakes a Guy Can Make

Mostly self-inflicted, yet easily corrected

These Are the Worst Hair-Related Mistakes a Guy Can Make

For some men, not having healthy, beautiful hair isn’t for lack of trying. Others may be missing the opportunity due to a few self-defeating habits. Celebrity level hair doesn’t get that way without proper care and tasteful styling, after all—you have to put in some effort, too. The first step is to make sure you aren’t ruining your own hair with these very common mistakes.


Hair washing isn’t a one-size fits all affair. Some guys have particularly oily scalps that need to be washed every day while others don’t. And if you overwash, your hair tends to dry out or frizz up—which not only looks bad but can also damage your hair.

Avoid this mistake by washing regularly but judiciously. Ask yourself if your hair really needs a scrubbing today, and if not, go ahead and skip. Try to figure out what regimen works best for your hair, to keep your habits at a suitable frequency.

...But also, underwashing.

The flip side of dried-out, split-ended hair from overwashing is the greasy, grimy hair from underwashing. Is your scalp itchy? Are you starting to flake? Have people started to whisper their concerns about the unpleasant odors emanating from your head? If so, you’ve probably skipped a wash you badly needed. Again, it’s a matter of figuring out what frequency works for you, so hit the shower and scrub your mane down.

Leaving product on for too long.

There’s nothing wrong with using a little styling product once in a while, but your hair can suffer from overexposure to specific kinds of waxes, clays, gels, or petroleum-based pomades. Pick natural products and water-based pomades to be safe, and give yourself a trial-and-error phase before settling on a product for regular use.

Remember to rinse the product out of your hair before hitting the pillow nightly, to protect your scalp and face from clogged pores or grime.

Rinsing your hair with hot water. 

Just because a hot shower feels good, it doesn't mean your hair deserves the same treatment. 

Rinsing with steaming hot water will eventually leave your hair dry, coarse and brittle. It’s better to wash your hair with cold water than to inadvertently ruin your own hair.

Tying your hair too tight.

If you’re into sports or fancy yourself as the kind of guy who can pull off a man bun, you know the struggle of managing your tresses by tying and untying them daily. It’s tempting to keep your hair tied so it doesn’t get in the way of anything, but beware of traction alopecia. It is, in fact, possible to tie your hair too tight and for too long that your hairline starts to recede as a result. Allow your hair some slack and downtime to keep it healthy and full.

Not having a reliable shampoo.

Too often, men don’t put much thought on shampoo and just use whatever’s available. Every head of hair needs a regular, reliable anti-dandruff shampoo that suits its needs. Pick out something that works for your hair, then commit to it. This will help you get consistent results that lead to healthy, strong, and shiny hair.

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