Your Fitness Heroes This Summer Are These Famous (Older) Men

Abs come with age.
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We've come to accept that, when you enter a certain age, your brain gives up and says, “Do whatever you want, body. Go ahead.” The fit frame you worked hard to build and then maintain suddenly makes way to a blimp so majestic it requires special clothes made of garters. 

Truth is, how good you look, whether with or without clothes, depends on what you do about it. Say, you are past the Golden Age of Fast Metabolism, and you would like please to still fit in the suit you got married in, as well as a swimsuit for summer. Then, put down the monster burger and the extra thick milkshake and go to the gym or the track or the spinning studio (with the competitive moms if you dare).  

That's what these older men, who chose to rally their minds and bodies, have done. They prove that fitness and a good set of abs can come at any age.  

1| Richard Yap 


Consider that Yap is 50.... And now consider that he has abs. What voodoo is this?


That voodoo is called working out even if you really want to lie down. Get out of bed and climb a rope with your bare hands.  


2| Kim Atienza

Being one with nature means taking off your shirt, but keeping the hat. Who knew that the 51-year-old weatherman had this under his safari-inspired uniform?  

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Nice tan, dad. Also, cool swim shorts. We are co-signing the trim fit, correct length, and pineapple print.  


3| Donnie Tantoco

Maybe you made a remark about growing old to the president of Rustan Commercial Corporation, and he quietly mentioned that he is actually 50-something years old. (Please tell us your secret.)



4| Robin Padilla

Dressing The Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema for an Esquire cover has lead to this amazing discovery: He has tiny teenage-sized waist.  

In this shot, where he climbs up a wall like Spidey, Padilla, 48, proves that he is still nimble.  


5| The Ageless Men of Century Tuna Superbods


This is what happens when you decide to defy the natural order of life. You get ripped and look younger (and make not-fit men feel sad).   


6| Anthony Bourdain

The legendary chef unleashed his sculpted abs while on vacation in Rome. His secret? Two hours and half of jiu-jitsu.


A fitspiration photo is more effective when Iggy Pop is in the frame. 


7| Arnold Schwarzenegger 

The first thing The Governator said upon waking up from heart surgery was: “I'm back.” We're not surprised because 70-year-old Schwarzenegger can still kill arm curls.


8| Piolo Pascual

Can't do a list of eternally youthful men without including the king of Benjamin Buttons. We leave you with this shot of Piolo Pascual's broad back, because you won't be able to handle his 41-year-young face. 

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