Your Pesky Blackheads Are No Match For This Simple Skin Routine

Blackheads appear when oils and skin cells are trapped in hair follicles and then oxidized by exposure to air, turning them black. Found mostly on your nose, the oiliest part of the face, these little raised dots can be tempting to extract, but don't do it! You only risk the chance of irritating and even permanently scarring your skin. 

While there are numerous home remedies for blackheads, taking things into your own hands may just lead to skin damage. It's a good idea to head to your dermatologist for a full facial or a chemical peel. But what happens post-appointment is also crucial. The smart solution to blackheads is to engage in a grooming regimen that prevents them from surfacing.

Here are just some of the steps you can do to keep them at bay. 

1| Wash using a cleanser with salicylic acid
Use a cleanser containing salicylic acid. The acid penetrates deep into your pores to dissolve dead skin cells, including blackheads.  


Salicylic Acid Exfoliating Cleanser by Cosrx


2| De-gunk your face
An exfoliant can help clear out that oxidized mix of oil and dead skin cells in your pores. Just be careful not to scrub too hard as this can damage your skin. If you can afford it, consider a Clarisonic brush. That's basically a high-powered washcloth that can buff pores with gentle precision. 

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Black Sugar Mask Wash Off by Skinfood


3| Go for a moisturizer with SPF
Think of the moisturizer as a barrier between your face and the dirt that can latch onto it. And because sun exposure can enlarge pores, a moisturizer with SPF is always a good idea. 

Maca Root Energetic Face Protector by The Body Shop


4| Get a prescription from your dermatologist
If over-the-counter solutions aren't cutting it, consult your dermatologist. The doctor knows how best to treat your skin, and may prescribe a retinoid cream that is strong enough to unclog pores, reverse skin aging, and prevent blackheads from coming back.

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