Everything A Man Must Know About Cosmetic Procedures

With more and more men are getting procedures done, we asked top cosmetic surgeon Dr. Z Teo all the details.
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Hey, Dr. Z, what should a man consider before undergoing a cosmetic procedure?

You must first consider whether or not it is really necessary. Is it just to rejuvenate yourself or make yourself look fresh, or is it you because you want to change your features? Subsequently, you must also consider the doctors you will speak to.

Choosing a surgeon or dermatologist that has experience treating men is important, because dealing with men is different from dealing with women. It’s very important to find a doctor who will be able to address your needs and look at things the way a man should look them.

Are Filipino men still hesitant about cosmetic treatments?

Filipino men, or just men in general, are more hesitant to undergo cosmetic treatment because it is still mostly a procedure for women. It’s probably cultural...Also, men are a little bit more impatient, and the thought of going to a dermatologist or a surgeon for cosmetic treatments implies a lot of time and effort. It could be that they are too busy at work and they don’t think that it is a priority for them.

Why is it important to address a patient’s cosmetic concerns with minimally invasive procedures?

Because the results are more natural. Radical cosmetic surgery usually leaves a more artificial look, and patients don’t really look like themselves anymore. That kind of defeats the purpose. We just want to enhance [what you have], not make you a completely different person.


What are the new technologies and machines at the forefront of medical aesthetics?

  • ThermiTight: Using minimally invasive surgery under local anesthesia, we use infrared to tighten up the jowls and double chin to give men a more contoured face.
  • Artas: This is a robotic hair transplant procedure with almost zero pain and zero downtime. The old method is stripcutting a bit of the scalp to take hair for re-implantation. With Artas, we get more guaranteed and precise results.
  • SculpSure: A patented cooling laser targets and reduces fat deposits in stubborn areas like love handles. With this, we can achieve almost 25 percent fat reduction in 25 minutes. This is painless, and people can go back to their normal activities with no downtime.

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