Lazada's Online Revolution Sale Is the Solution to Your Holiday Rush Problems

If you can’t stand waiting in line, online shopping is the way to go

Men are not natural shoppers and would rather not waste time in a mall, trying outfits and window shopping. The evidence of this would be the countless dudes slumped over in chairs, napping or staring off into the distance, waiting for their female companions to finally make a purchase.

Most guys just have a more straightforward approach to shopping: go to a store knowing exactly what you want after weeks or months of research, and buy it. It’s a simple and beautiful process. That is, until it’s Christmas season and shopping malls and stores are packed to the brim with eager shoppers. Let’s not even get started with holiday traffic jams...

And it’s one thing to buy stuff for yourself; it’s another matter when you have to shop for everyone else. Online shopping is the easy and efficient solution that will save you loads of time and extra effort this holiday season.


Since you’re practically online all day, doing your shopping online won’t screw up your daily routine. While checking e-mails or browsing social media, it’s as easy as adding another tab on your browser or opening an app on your phone.

So when you do start your online shopping, make sure to check out LAZADA’s Online Revolution, which offers a range of products perfect for holiday presents. You’ll most likely find something that will help spread that holiday cheer (or you could always find something to give to yourself). Whether you’re browsing on desktop, tablet, or using the LAZADA mobile app, you can get huge discounts on products from top brands throughout this month-long sale that starts on November 9.

And it’s not just cool gift ideas that are available on the site, even P&G personal grooming products will be participating in the sale with deals you won’t find anywhere else:

Gillette: Get up to 30% off on all Gillette products. And if you buy any Gillette Mach 3 razor or cartridge in Lazada from Nov. 10 to 11, you can also get a chance to win exclusive Gillette Justice League IMAX screening movie tickets for two. Get yours here.

Head & Shoulders: Get 30% off on all 300mL bottles (and bigger ones, too). You also have the chance to win P1,000 worth of Piandre GCs if you purchase at least P500 worth of Head & Shoulders products on November 11. Click here to buy yours.

There’s also something for all of you car enthusiasts. Ambi Pur is offering P30 off on Ambi Pur Car Vents. Click here to buy now.

There are also loads of shoes, bags, clothes, and accessories you can choose from if you’re feeling extra generous. Just remember you’re working on your holiday list and not just your own wish list this Christmas.

The LAZADA app is available on iOS and Android. For more information, log on to LAZADA’s website.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with P&G.