This Year, Finally Get Yourself a Grown-up Wallet

Have some self-respect and replace that velcro trifold.
This Year, Finally Get Yourself a Grown-up Wallet

A wallet can tell a lot about its bearer. Of course, its contents are one thing. But no amount of money can compensate for the impression left by a wallet that's overstuffed, torn, and fraying at the edges. And not even a fortune can justify the terrible thought of a grown man with a velcro wallet in his pocket.

If you happen to be such a man, it's time you graduated to something a little more mature. Trade in your beaten-up workhorse for something that deserves to hold your precious, hard-earned wage—as well as your IDs, membership cards, and other small miscellaneous items. If you must own just one luxury-label, daily-use item, make sure it's the one that hugs your cash.

Consider Swiss luxury label Bally, which makes shoes and accessories—including wallets—to the highest standards. True to its Swiss heritage, Bally's wallets are polished yet relaxed; beautifully crafted and fit for both social settings and business meetings. This is a grown man's wallet, not to mention a subtle flex. This is the kind of wallet that can look like a million bucks even if it only contained a 20-peso bill and a Band-Aid in it. Here's why.

It has all the class you would expect of a timeless leather wallet.

Bally has always held a long-standing tradition of making beautiful men’s accessories, and its reputation for quality is apparent in all its products, the Grasai wallet included. Constructed with supple, scratch-resistant fine-grain leather, this cash-and-card carrier is a desirable blend of precision craftsmanship, thoughtful design, and modern expectations.

It eliminates back-pocket bulges.

A wallet is an investment that should serve you for years. If you don’t want to be sporting an unsightly bulge on your left butt cheek for the next decade, choose one of Bally’s sleek, minimalist wallets instead. The Bally Grasai wallet lets you bring everything you need without having to carry around any of the excess bulk. This slim, pocket-friendly bi-fold opens up to reveal two cash sleeves that can hold crisp bills for tipping and plenty of card slips for your gold-tinged plastic.

It can be paired with Bally’s other leather goods.

If upgrading your style to reflect a worldlier and more grown-up outlook is a priority this holiday season—and it should be—then you may want to pair a Bally wallet with other leather accessories from the iconic Swiss brand’s fall/winter 2019 collection. This sophisticated set includes finely crafted footwear—from buckled boots to glossy loafers to soft leather sneakers—luxurious business totes that can hold your laptop and documents, and sporty backpacks with the brand’s signature red-and-white-striped logo. None of them, rest assured, have a velcro closure.

Do yourself a favor this and peep the whole collection at Bally’s newly opened stores at Power Plant Mall in Rockwell and City of Dreams Manila at Entertainment City, Roxas Boulevard.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with BALLY.
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