Gucci Watches Feel Like Gucci Watches. And That’s the Point 

Gucci’s watches are a success because they are infused with the fashion house’s vibrant energy.

Hey, Gucci makes watches. Bet you didn’t know that. You probably also don’t know that the Italian house’s tickers are one of the most successful fashion watches today. Chalk it up to experience (the label has been making watches since the ’70s) or the way Gucci infuses its timepieces with the same vibrant energy that makes its fashion line so appealing today. So let’s dive right into it and discuss the merits of Gucci’s watches for men.

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The Gucci Grip Watch

Shall we begin with the most directional and therefore eye-catching line in Gucci’s portfolio? The Grip was released in September 2019, under the reign of Alessandro Michele, and, of course, it follows the artistic director’s inclination toward the fantastically retro and unconventional.

Photo by Gucci.

Unlike most watches, the Grip doesn’t have a traditional face with time markers littering the perimeter. Instead, it opts for three windows to give you the data: The topmost window displays the hour, the middle has the minutes, and the small round one found near the chin holds the date. It’s a novel way to read time (and sort of reminds you of a weighing scale).


The style appears best in its all-metal incarnations, as in yellow gold (PVD coated) or steel cases, faces, and straps, but those paired with calf leather bands are handsome, too. The faces of the metal-on-metal watches are engraved with horizontal lines interrupted by Gucci’s interlocking Gs. And while outré in design, the watches still feel clean and understated.  

If you’re wondering about the name: Apart from describing how it “fits snugly around the wrist,” the “grip” in the Grip watch alludes to an unusual reference, the way a skateboarder’s sneakers stick to the grip tape of their boards.

Photo by Gucci.

Also in the mix is a chronograph affair, which reconfigures the idea of windows to accommodate the complication. In these Grip watches, time and hour apertures are relocated to the right side of the face, while chronograph markers are added around the dial for a still clean effect.

watch now

Finally, as with Michele’s genderless approach to dressing, the Grip is for you, for her, and for everyone.

The Gucci G-Timeless Watch 

Think of the G-Timeless as the collection in which Gucci tries out all its decorative whims. The label describes the concept best: “This watch is designed with a traditional sensibility, juxtaposed with codes inspired by Gucci's new aesthetic.”

Observe: At first glance, this timepiece, with its steel case and bracelet, feels contemporary, but then there is that unmissable depiction of the kingsnake (a real kind of snake, by the way), whose body coils upward the watch face and head kisses a Gucci logo. The interlocking G stands in for the 12 o’clock marker, while other house motifs such as the bee, the star, and the heart represent the rest of the hours. On the flip side, a large etching of the Gucci bee also lives. In short, this is undoubtedly and unabashedly a Gucci watch.

Photo by Gucci.

The adornments in the G-Timeless series can be as quiet or as obvious as you desire. A striking creation heavily features Gucci’s web stripe. The green-and-red pattern is installed on the dial care of nylon and continues into the band, creating a seamless effect. An embroidered silver bee also appears on the face, which only holds hour and minute hands—no time markers here.

Photo by Gucci.

Another tone-on-tone steel watch features the bee, too—but smaller—on a sun-brushed dial paired with a link bracelet. This is the quietest and can even work with a suit.

The Gucci Dive Watch

And now we take to the water. Proving that fashion watches are not just for pretty little things, the Gucci Dive watch offers a water resistance of 20 ATM (or 660 feet or 200 meters). Still, we imagine wearing this on the boat, by the beach, or near the pool and maybe not so much in the water because, well, just look at it.

Photo by Gucci.

It would be a shame not to show off the Dive’s striking mix of gold and black, as well its contrasting use of metal and rubber. Here, a gold PVC case features a black dial, adorned with the kingsnake in yellow gold, and connects to a black rubber strap embossed with, what else, “Gucci.” 

Another iteration is equally striking, switching out the black rubber and gold case for white rubber and steel case. And if you’re not feeling adventurous, the house also makes snake-less versions in steel, but where’s the fun in that?

Photo by Gucci.

So how much is that Gucci watch? 

While Gucci is a luxury fashion house that commands high prices for its covetable goods, its watches are less expensive as compared to fashion watches from other luxury brands such as Hermès, Chanel, or Dior. The listed price of the gold Grip watch mentioned above is $1,800 (around P87,000), while the conservative steel Dive watch is $1,300 (around P63,000). 

Less prohibitive prices have always been the direction for its watch division. As Piero Braga, president and CEO of Gucci Timepieces said, in an interview with WatchPro“We started with a medium-entry level price and we do not want to completely change that position. We will keep a similar entry-level, because that has forever been one of the characteristics of Gucci watches and is useful to attract traffic and new consumers.”

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