This Water-Resistant Timepiece Is Perfect for Any Occasion

Be it scuba diving or a rainy morning commute.
IMAGE Timothy Mulcare

A great watch has to perform a number of functions—tell you the time, of course, but also be a stylish accessory that's durable and versatile enough to wear under any circumstance. Not every watch ticks all these boxes, but after testing it out in person, we can confirm that Boss’ Vela watch definitely does (which is why it’s practically welded on our wrists now). It gets everything right in terms of functionality and durability—you can get it wet, use it as a fancy stopwatch, and it'll keep your schedule in check down to the second. Plus, it says a lot about you when you wear it: adventurous, bold, and ready for business.

Photo by Timothy Mulcare.

It’s built for going on adventures of any kind.

Inspired by life on the open waves—as seen in the dial's nautical color scheme—the Vela is water-resistant up to 200 meters. This makes it an ideal timepiece for any adventure, be it a rainy day running around to big-deal business meetings, a camping trip with friends, or—if you're really looking to test its features—a scuba-diving excursion. But even when you're not as on the go, it's a great everyday accessory for lesser adventures, too, like going for a stroll in the park or relaxing at your favorite café.

Photo by Timothy Mulcare.

Its bold design makes it the perfect statement piece.

The watch's modern, blue-and-silver aesthetic—rendered in matte-finish stainless steel—will serve you well no matter what you’re wearing. Pair it with a classic suit and tie for a subtle pop of color and shine that still shows you're ready to talk business at your next pitch meeting. Or, for a more casual vibe, wear the not-too-flashy Vela with your favorite T-shirt and jeans—it'll add a touch of sophistication without making your happy hour companions raise their eyebrows. In other words, it's a standout accessory you can always rely on to provide a smart style boost.

Photo by Timothy Mulcare.
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It’s engineered for precision.

Not only is this watch incredibly sleek, but it involves some impressive technical details, too. The quartz movement ensures you're always on time, down to the second, and a minimal date display means no more asking your coworker what today's date is. And, the watch's chronograph consists of two sub-dials that can precisely record your time by the hour and minute, should you want to log a running session or figure out the most efficient route for your morning commute.

So there you have it, look no further for a watch that checks all the boxes. The Boss Vela gets everything right.

Prop styling by Miako Katoh. Photography by Timothy Mulcare

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