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The rest are absolute duds.
There are 15 films in the Shake, Rattle & Roll franchise—and with three short episodes in each one, that's a total 45 stories to try to cram for the holidays. No one wants to do that: not because that's just too long a ...
Look like the cool horror movie buff.
Tired of the same old horror movie clichés? Fear not, Esquire has 10 lesser-known nail-bitters well worth getting your hands on....1| MartyrsDirector: Pascal LaugierCast: Morjana Alsoui, Mylene JampanoiYear: 2008Country of origin: FranceSub genre: Psychological/GoreIn a nutshell: A young woman, kidnapped and abused as a child, seeks revenge on her captors. ...
Fr. Jocis Syquia, director of the Archdiocese of Manila Office of Exorcism, says that Christians can exorcise their own homes.
Getting possessed is probably one of the most frightening things that can happen to a person, if horror movies like The Conjuring and the Exorcism of Emily Rose are anything to go by. And according to Fr. Jocis Syquia, director of the ...
Over 160 people died in the country’s worst nightclub fire incident. This is the story of one of the survivors
An eatery that’s "open 25 hours” now occupies the site of the worst nightclub fire in the country’s history. On March 18, 1996, 162 people—mostly teenagers and young adults celebrating their graduation—perished when a blaze engulfed the Ozone Disco along Timog Avenue ...
The most stylish, scary and downright sickening cinema about killers hiding in plain sight
Did you walk past a serial killer today? Maybe it was in the carriage of a packed commuter train; maybe a brushed shoulder in the refrigerated aisle of the supermarket; You probably didn't...but, maybe? They could be anywhere or nowhere and you'd ...
Like recurring nightmares, here are some of the most unforgettable creatures to appear in Philippine cinema.
The '80s was the Golden Age of Philippine horror movies. Despite the limited budget of these movies and questionable special effects, the true stars of the show were the creatures that clawed their way out from the depths of Philippine lower mythology, foreign ...
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