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Comelec data shows the youth make up majority of the registered voters in the country.
Dr. Jose Rizal said it before: “the youth is the hope of our future.” There must be a reason why more than a hundred years after his death, these words are still often quoted to this day.But it is particularly timely to ...
These are the remaining six national parties that are currently represented in the 17th Congress of the Philippines.
In our first story on the different political parties in the Philippines, we only included the nine major political parties recognized by the Comelec for the 2016 national elections.To provide more insight about the politicians we have today, as well as the ...
Here are the major political parties in the country.
The elections are fast approaching. In order to make an informed decision, it is important to take a good look at what the candidates are promising their constituents, as well as the principles they hold. Most of our candidates run under a ...
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