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Meet Robert Suntay, founder and president of the SEA-VIP Institute, a foundation that works to protect the marine biodiversity resources in the Verde Island Passage.
Robert Suntay was readying a presentation he was about to give to Waldorf students. “It could be a very depressing talk,” he noted. He was basing it off the documentaries An Inconvenient Sequel, Chasing Coral, and A Plastic Ocean, all which portend ...
First he built a football club for the children of Payatas. Then he helped build a school, then a community; and then he helped build dreams.
Most of us need no introduction to the abject situation of Payatas. We know of the dumpsite—still the largest open dumpsite in the Philippines—and that people live around it, and even depend on the mountain of refuse for their livelihood. Payatas is home to ...
Henry Motte-Muñoz’s is a matchmaker for students and schools.
Too many people settle for their education rather than actively pursuing it themselves.Too many students have had to settle for their schools based on tuition and location and convenience; and if they get to go to college at all, they settle for ...
Quintin Pastrana's Library Renewal Partnership bets on libraries as a way to save Filipino communities.
For Barangay 105, Tondo, it started with a small space. Around 30 square meters, which—by the standards of a Metro Manila slum that’s so densely populated that it could not be relocated to Bulacan or Laguna—is not very small at all. In ...
Waves For Water imbues an adventurous lifestyle with humanitarian work.
“Alexa, volume zero.” Sitting at his desk in a small room on the second floor of a warehouse in Makati, Carlo Delantar tells his virtual assistant to tone down the hip background music that had been playing when I arrived. The place ...
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